Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Crimson Groves

5 Stars for Crimson Groves
By Ashley Robertson

Abby is being held captive by Bronx, the Vampire who has turned her into a vampire against her will. Bronx tries to force Abby to fall in love with him, however, just the opposite happens.

The one night Bronx takes Abby out, she meets Tyler. He helps her to not only escape from Bronx, but to learn other powers she may have. Thing is Tyler already know who Abby is and what she can do, although Tyler is not a vampire he does have an ability of his own, he has premonitions. As Tyler and Abby learn more of one another, they start falling for each other.

Since Abby has been turned, she needs blood in order to survive. She gets in contact with the only person she feels she can trust, Lilly, one of the blood donors she had befriended while at Bronx's. Lilly sends Abby an email of Vamp owned places that have blood donors.

When Abby meets Stone, the owner of a bar named Pulse, she's surprised to find that even after Stone finds out she's hiding from Bronx, he's still willing to help her. Soon Stone starts to have feelings for Abby and warns her against someone she trusts.

Soon she finds out she has been betrayed by one of her friends. Bronx has captured Abby once again. Will she be able to be rid of herself of Bronx once and for all? And more important, who betrayed her?

Ashley Robertson really out did herself with Crimson Groves. I LOVED it!! This was another one of those books that once I started I couldn't put the book down till it was finished and STILL wanted more. So when I was finished, I immediately contacted Ashley and asked her if there was going to be a sequel ....And guess what??!!.. There is! The next book will be Crimson Rain!

Crimson Groves was very enticing, straight from the get go, I was hooked. In most books the girl has one or two hot guys after her, but Abby has three hot guys!!! Yeah a couple may be a bit loony, but what ya gonna do? At first I had trouble understanding Bronx, but once I got further into the story it was like " oh yeah, I definitely got your number, you psychopath" lol. Then my heart went out to both Tyler and Stone. They both fell for Abby, however I am definitely Team Tyler. Oh, and then the BIG TWIST! OMG! Definitely not giving that away, so you'll just have to check out Crimson Groves for yourself!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ordained (The Immortal Archives, #1)

4 Stars for Ordained
by Devon Ashley

Abby grew up inside the Order, where she was abused on daily basis as part of her training. She was part of an experiment to try to make a stronger huntress. Little did they know that their experiment was about to back fire on them.

Two hundred years later Emily, a huntress, is sent out to kill Eraticus, however unbeknownst to her, she wasn't expected to survive. So when she returns to the Order, everyone is surprised to see she had survived.

When Emily reveals that she was saved by the huntress, Abby, the Order is shocked to hear she is still alive and has been this whole time. They are fearful of her past outburst and whether or not she could control herself.

The Order has no choice but to invite Abby and her husband/guardian to their home, for they fear that Morphus has or is about to waken and broke through the containment spell that was placed upon him years ago. It was foretold that Morphus could only be defeated by the Ordained Huntress. The Order doesn't know that Abby is the Ordained Huntress. So when Abby goes face to face with Morphus, her survival is not expected.

Ordained is action packed! I enjoyed reading this story, I felt it was different from your typical paranormal read. Abby was a fierce, strong, and at the same time a vulnerable character. I loved her. Devon Ashley did an awesome job with the characters in Ordained, they all had their own unique personalities and I felt as if I could relate to each one on some level, except for maybe the really evil ones. lol

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Echo of an Earth Angel (Earth Angel #1)


Four Stars for Echo of an Earth Angel
By Sarah M. Ross

Tessa has only been out of her coma for a few months. She has lost her parents from a tragic accident. Tessa thought she was lucky to have survived.  Since waking up from her coma, she has been kind of gloomy and experiencing things that can't be explained. That is till David showed up.

David is a healer, but he is also a Rogue Angel. He left Heaven because of a disagreement about how his powers should be used. David was there to witness the tragic accident with Tessa and her parents.  After seeing Tessa he knew he couldn't let her die, so he healed her. However, he healed her too much and turned her to an angel who now is also a healer.

David is trying to explain to Tessa what it means to be a healer and how to use her new power, but before he gets a chance to, Morgan, Tessa's best friend has been kidnapped by Nico, a hunter of Rogue Angels. When Tessa and David go to save Morgan from Nico, David has no choice but to give himself in to save the others.

Tessa is left alone to figure out her powers, until Andre shows up. Andre is one og David's closest friends. And now it's up to him and Tessa to get David back.

Once I started reading Echo of an Earth Angel, I couldn't put it down. I ended up finishing the story in one day, I really loved reading it, I laughed, I cried, and I got angry. I can't wait to be able to read the sequal!!!