Girl Talk with Jacinta Maree, Author of My Demonic Ghost!

1. So you live in Australia, how awesome is that?? Do you like see Kangaroo's out your window, just running around?

It’s pretty damn awesome, even if i do say so myself. Typically no, not on your average day that kangaroos would be messing up your garden but it does happen. I live near a creek leading into large meadows which means I get to see all the beautiful wild life such as Kangaroos, kookaburra’s, cockatoos (loud bloody things) and so many snakes. Makes going for a run interesting, you must always watch where you step.
Even though Kangaroos look adorable, you are never to approach them. Especially if there is a family and especially when the alpha male has his ears turned up, standing up straight and is giving you the ‘I-dare-ya’ death glare.  (It has happened to me before) They can also be a pain as they tend to go onto our golf courses (I also live next to a golf course, prime location). And if you have the unfortunate chance of hitting one while driving your car, you can kiss that car goodbye. Unfortunately, no koalas where I live.   

2. What can you tell us about My Demonic Ghost??
My Demonic GhostI wrote My Demonic Ghost just to stir things up. I can’t explain just how frustrating it is to read every angel and demon book with the almost identical lay out, angel is the good guy, demon is the bad or demon is a bad guy who is secretly good. I wrote My Demonic Ghost with no pure good or pure bad characters. I had marked the angels as the Hunters, the foes, just to change things for once, but I had also given the demons or the ‘good guys’ bad characteristics. In a way I was trying to break down our most believed in and accepted stereotype. Demons are pure bad & Angels are pure good.
With the actual story, I focused it on a young boy know as a Banished Ghost called Lock and his unfortunate host Rachael. Even though Lock is our hero/ love interest he is far from being a secretly gentle character with a bad boy rep, he is just a typical boy with an unfortunate hand dealt to him. Let’s not forget the Seven Deadly Sins that make their big appearance in the novel, (in all three novels actually) and the wonderful &  horrifying character Mother. Be warned, this book can get a bit scary because we are, after all, dealing with the deadly temptations.  One thing for sure, this book is different!  

3. Is there other works in progress that you can tell us about??

Absolutely. I’ve finished a high fantasy novel that explores the story of giant Zodiac monsters living inside the bodies of children and how the society reacts and tries to correct the infected. I’ve also started a Sci-Fi novel about an alternative human race living on a planet so badly polluted their only way of surviving is exchanging their human bodies for mechanical counterparts, thus turning themselves into machines.  Lastly, I’m in the middle of a Steam Punk paranormal novel that I’ve just recently signed with Literary Agent Eric Ruben, about the possibility of exchanging wishes for time. All in all, I have a very busy year ahead of me.

4. Where does your inspiration come from??
Hmm... music is a big key factor. I usually get inspired when driving, maybe because I tend to turn my brain off and just daydream (I'm a careful driver I promise). Pictures do help, but music sets things in motion. It can be of any genre, once I’ve match a tune to a scene or a feeling it’s almost impossible for me to reuse that same song for anything else. I also love thinking about what hasn’t been told yet.

5. Who are your book boyfriends??

I’m guilty of having multiple book boyfriends (who isn’t? ha ha!) I love all of my characters but the one that stands out the most is Sebastian from Dusty Blood (the high fantasy I mentioned earlier). Why him? Well, it’s mainly because I want to be able to fix him and his 1001 problems. He has that dismissive attitude that is often found in boys who don’t understand or know how to express their true feelings. Plus, he has favourites and when you’re one of his favourites it’s like been given a golden key to unlock the gates of heaven. It’s magical.  
6. You are a published author for Staccato Publishing, how is that going for you??
Staccato Publishing have been Ah-mazing to me. They are so supportive and kind, they are truly people who care about their authors and the future of their writing. I see great potential in Staccato Publishing, every author signed under their name have amazing talents and strengths that are worthy of recognition. I had just recently returned from America where I got to live with Heather Savage, my publisher and fellow writer, and immediately I was welcomed as one of the family (I’m the distant cousin from overseas with the funny accent and made up words). Staccato will always be my home.
7. If you could be any character who would you be and why??
Sticking to my own mad creations, I would to be a Reaper character from My Demonic Ghost. Why? Mainly because they have giant, demonic pets known as Goons that are not only overly loyal, overly protective and amazingly scary, but have the ability to jump through shadows via electricity and teleport you anywhere you want. If you’re okay with fangs, claws and a bark that can give you the chills, I would suggest getting a Goon of your own.
8. Are any of your characters based off of anyone you know??
Not at all. I’m always going to try and avoid using friends and families names to avoid any conflict. If something were to happen to that said character, the person with the same name may think I would do that to them. My father still won’t let me forget how fast I killed off the dad character in one of my books, never again.

9. Who is Jacinta Maree??

Deep question. In one word... chocoholic. If you want more detail, 90 % of my diet is junk food (I seriously need to correct that) I am a cat person with my second love being dragons. I think I was Japanese in another life because everything about Japan makes my toes curl in excitement. I’m a gamer (video games) with a not so secret crush on Fenris from Bioware’s Dragon Age 2. (Aww poor Fenris. He’s so misunderstood). Can never decide what colour I want my hair, I collect interesting tea pots and I work in construction with my family.  
10. Tell me something not many people know about you
I can touch my tongue to my nose.... but I think a lot of people know that now.
Okay, I'm thinking about starting to learn how to play a violin. 
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