Interview with David Fingerman, New Author of Staccato Publishing

Hi Amber ~ a real pleasure to meet you. Thanks so much for inviting me.

1. Who is David Fingerman, really?
          You had to use the word really. I suppose that means you’re looking for an honest answer. There goes my raised by wolves story. I’m not sure how much I really want to share. I’m a bit on the private side (with a touch of paranoia).

2. What can you tell us about the work in progress you have going on?
          My therapist says I’m making excellent progress but I don’t think I’m supposed to be talking about it. Ooops. You meant writing, didn’t you? Right now I’m working on my third Louise Miller suspense novel. I’m also working on a horror novel. In between those, I’m always playing with short stories. I’ve got a short attention span. (Hey, I’m sharing more about the real me – sort of).

 3. You are a new soon to be published author with Staccato Publishing. So exciting! Can you tell me how that is going for you so far?
          I hate to sound like such a brown-nose, but it’s been great! Heather Savage (what a perfect name for a writer) is a real pleasure to work with. I’m very excited to be a part of the Staccato family.My book of short stories, “Two Degrees Closer to Hell” is scheduled to be released December 17th – perfect for that last minute holiday shopping.

4. If you can go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
          I’d like to discover some earth-like planet, study beings and societies entirely different from humans ~ steal their ideas and culture. I’d come back here, write a novel that’s actually my experiences, and then be hailed as the most creative writer of our time. If that’s not doable, castle hopping in Europe or a return visit to Australia. I visited Australia about ten years ago and have very fond memories of Sydney and Melbourne. Castle hopping, I think, has something to do with past lives.

5. Are there any characters in your current writing, that are based off of anyone that you know?
          There’s that old saying ~ be careful how you treat a writer or you’ll wind up in their next book. I’ll say no more (other than see answer to next question).

6. If you could be any character who would you be and why?
          I know who I wouldn’t want to be ~ any of my characters. I abuse them terribly. I read mostly horror and suspense so there aren’t many characters in those I’d want to be. They get beat up and tortured a lot. Possibly Dracula (before the getting staked part). He seemed to have a pretty good go of things.

7. Who is your favorite author and why?
          So many great authors ~ often it depends on my mood or what I happen to be reading at the time. I guess overall it would have to be Harlan Ellison. He’s the first author who was able to get me to read for pleasure again after college (college really sucked the joy out of reading for fun). Ellison is very opinionated and I don’t always agree with his views, but he always makes me think. That’s the highest praise I can give any author.

8. What inspires you to write?
          My wife is all the inspiration I need. She told me if I don’t write everyday, I’ll have to go out and get a ‘real’ job. I get other snippets of inspiration by walking. There are a couple of parks and a nature center not too far away. Great places to empty the mind and let the imagination run wild.

9. If you were not an author what would your profession be?
          Before writing full time I was a court clerk for a lot of years. If it wasn’t for taking the chance to be a full time writer, I’d probably still be there. It had its fascinating times and I rarely disliked the job, but it doesn’t compare to the love I have for writing. Oh oh, there I go talking about the real me again.

10. Where can readers and followers find you?
          On those rare occasions that I’m actually out and about, usually in a dark alley or an all night greasy spoon. Oh wait ~ even better ~ at I’d also be delighted if you all would like my facebook author page at

Thanks David for allowing me to interview you. I wish you the best of luck on your writing and journey with Staccato Publishing!!