Blog Tour: Enticed by Lynn Davis

Title: Enticed

Author: Lynn Davis

Genre: Erotic 

Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours

Book Summary

Rhonda Emerson had the relationship she had wanted, an understanding man, good loyal friends and family that loved her. She just graduated from college and has the rest of her life unfolding before her. She lands a job with a highly sought after employer. Just when life seems to be going in the right direction for Rhonda, Miguel returns from Afghanistan and wants to tie up loose ends. Rhonda starts to feel things she thought were dead but how can she give in to her feelings for Miguel when she is engaged to be married to Roland?

When Roland laid his eyes on Rhonda, he was not confused...He had to had her in his life. He immediately takes matters into his own hands and in spite of her friends, he wins her heart. Now after three years of dating, she is ready to start a life with him only. The heart knows what the heart wants and Rhonda Emerson is the girl for him, but is he ready to challenge a bond from the past?

This is book one of the Rhonda Emerson Series

Lynn Davis is an emerging author from Her stories Danielle and David, I NeverMeant to Fall in Love and A Lesson in Love has jumpstarted her writing career. With an average of about 10K viewers, she is ready to launch in to the literary world. When Lynn is not writing, she is a life coach of women empowerment, non-profit director and an entrepreneur. Her favorite things consist of cross-stitching (to help her relax), reading a good book or watching a good movie (girl flicks, of course). Lynn lives in California as a single woman who loves life but often she hangs with her niece and nephew. She is interactive with her loyal readers and welcomes you to contact her. She actually loves hearing from you.


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 Rhonda and Roland had been dating for two and half years when Roland decided to ask her to be his wife. She remembered that everything in her wanted to scream, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” and jump up and down, twirling and clapping her hands and doing her happy dance, but she held her composure and said, “Roland, let’s finish our degrees first. I’ll accept your ring as a promise of our commitment. Once we graduate, if you feel the same, you can ask me then, and I’ll answer.”
Roland hadn’t heard anything but that he had a promise of her saying yes after graduation. He placed the ring on her finger, grinned a big Cheshire cat grin and said, “Deal!”
A year and a half later, they had graduated, and that night, Roland wanted to claim what was his. Rhonda, on the other hand, wanted to celebrate one thing at a time.
“Let’s not overshadow the academic accomplishment we’ve both been awarded by rushing into another life-changing event right away.”
Roland looked disheartened. “Did you change your mind, love?”
“Oh no, babe. I’m just saying let tonight be about our graduation. Tomorrow, we can discuss everything else.” She touched the right cheek of his chiseled, handsome, chocolate-brown face and stared into his greenish hazel eyes.
She watched as his deep worry lines and thick, burrowed eyebrows gave way to an idea. His eyes illuminated, and a sly grin crept across his ample, thick lips.
“Deal!”was all he said as he took her slender hand into his massive one and kissed it gently before pulling her to him and kissing her mouth deeply.
When they finally got ready for bed, Rhonda was feeling a bit frisky, and as they lay in their favorite spooning position, she pressed against him and wiggled her ass. This had always been her sign that she wanted to make love. He would then press against her, begin to caress her body, and the fun would begin. Tonight, however, was different. He kissed her cheek and whispered in her ear, “Good things comes to those who wait, little girl.”
Rhonda felt the words way deep in her belly, and she clenched her thighs together with the promise of the ecstasy to come. The only thing was that she didn’t know how long she would have to wait.
She fell asleep still waiting.


The next morning, she awoke to an empty bed and the smell of strawberry crêpes, turkey bacon, eggs and fresh coffee. She looked to see where the smell was coming from and saw a breakfast tray sitting next to her on the nightstand. She smiled; Roland knew how to wake a girl up in the morning. He walked in a few seconds later with a bouquet of roses in one hand and a glass of orange juice in the other.
“Oops, I guess I’m busted. I could have sworn I had another five minutes.”
“Not with the smell of this delectable meal sitting here.”
Wait till you taste it, love.”
“Mmm, can’t wait.”
He placed the juice and roses on the tray and lifted it to place it on Rhonda’s lap. He stood there patiently as she readjusted herself to a sitting position to make space for the bed tray. Once she in place, he carefully sat the tray over her legs and leaned in to kiss her on the forehead.
“Bon appetite, madame,” he said, waving his hand over the tray like an awkward Vanna White.
“This is delicious! Oh my God, Roland. Is this the recipe from that bed and breakfast we went to three months ago?”
He nodded, beaming with pride.
“Did you make this? This is really good.”
He feigned as though she had wounded his heart with her question and then smirked.
“Do you see anyone else here? You know I got skills. Girl, why you playing?”
He was right about this. Roland’s mother was a single mother and had taught him how to follow directions and cook from the time he could read.
This way, son. If Momma can’t cook for you, you will never be hungry, and if you follow the directions as written, you can make anything you want. Just always be careful when you’re using the stove. Pay attention to what you are doing,”she had told him repeatedly.
Roland then found out that it was a good way to get chicks to come over, and he had used it often.
This morning, Rhonda thanked “Momma” for teaching her son how to cook because over the past four years and counting, she was definitely benefiting from his culinary talents.
He crawled into bed beside her, and they fed each other until every morsel was gone. Then she told him it was her turn to cook something up for him. He removed the tray, and before he could settle into position, Rhonda had grabbed his muscular arm and pulled him to her. Their heads bumped, and they both laughed as they rubbed the spot where their heads had collided together and then kissed. The kiss was soft but passionate. He was hungry for her, and she was definitely hungry for him.
One thing Roland loved to do was kiss, and he could kiss for hours. Rhonda couldn’t remember a time that she didn’t go home with her lips aching and swollen from kissing sessions with him. This morning, she devoured his kisses as if she needed them to survive.
He pressed her into his body and lay backwards without losing contact with her lips. His tongue was now searching for entry, and she parted her lips to let it in.
His hand cupped the back of her head as his kiss grew in intensity. God, this man can kiss, she thought. Being so close to him and feeling his warmth and his toned, hard body made her desire to feel his skin against hers grow. At this moment, she loved everything about this man. Rhonda felt his hand let go of her head, and he began to trail his fingers down her neck to the back of her shoulders. She could feel his hands trailing down to her lower back and stopping on the bumps of her ass as he kneaded her with both hands, pulling her tighter to his body as his hips ground into her just below the apex.


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