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 ARC Review
Dust by Devon Ashley

4 Stars for Dust
By Devon Ashley

***Spoiler Alert***

When I first started reading Dust, I thought I had just entered the magical world of Pixie Hollow and Tinker Bell was my best friend, however, that was short lived and I soon found out that was not what Dust was about at all. Devon Ashley is an amazing author who knows how to captivate her readers and she has done it once again. I love her work and was really surprised by Dust.

Rosalie is a pixie with spunk and she inst about to let anyone take that away from her. When she is captured from her Hollow and forced into slavery by the faeries to make pixie dust, she fights them all the way. Rosalie can't understand why nobody tried to fight and escape the faeries instead most of the pixies either give up and just live in a mess day by day or they literally give up and commit suicide feeling that would be better than slavery.

After a close friend dies, Rosalie tries to plan an escape to save all the pixies however, when she does try to escape she is caught and thrown in the hole, where she is tortured repeatedly. This doesnt stop her, she keeps fighting even after her wings have been severely broken and she can't move to save her own life.

When Jack is assigned to guard Rosalie as his own punishment, he is devastated to find out that she isn't a criminal as he was led to believe and when he goes to his father who is on the council he is even more shocked to find out that he is already aware and isn't doing anything to stop it. Jack helps Rosalie to heal from her beatings and the more time he spends with her, he starts to have feelings for her and vice verse, but they can't be together mixing faerie and pixie just doesnt happen anymore so they try to hide their feelings for one another, until they just cant any more.

Thats when Jack decides it is time to find away to help Rosalie escape, however their is just too may guards to get out of the city.

And that's pretty much how Devon Ashley leaves it, not knowing whether or not they escape and if they can ever be together. She leaves audience wanting more. Dust is so enticing its hard not to get swept into it and want to continue the story. I can't wait for their to be a sequel to Dust, I will definitely read it and I highly recommend Dust to all.


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  1. Ahh....it sounds so good! I've added it to my wishlist.
    Great review! :D

  2. This is actually the first I have heard of DUST. I love the idea of pixies. I'm looking forward to reading this now.

  3. This is an awesome book - I read an ARC not long ago and was blown away!

  4. Love your review! I cannot wait until I get a copy in my hands!

  5. Great review! Dust sounds amazing! Can't wait for it's release. :)

  6. I look forward to reading this, I have book one and started to read, but had to put off for a few review books, but will get back to it soon.
    great review.

  7. Dust sounds amazing . Thank you for the review

  8. I can't wait to read this book, it sounds fantastic.

  9. I actually scanned your review, so I hope I can read it as soon as possible. I don't want to spoil the story for me, because this book looks amazing!

  10. Thank you so much for this fantastic giveaway, and a most insightful review on a book that looks & sounds amazing! x

  11. Awesome review! I'm even more excited than I was before to read Dust! With both the amazing cover and awesome review, I can't wait to start reading!

  12. Thanks ladies, I am sure Devon Ashley appreciates all the compliments and comments as well!!!


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