Mission Statement

For ten years, we here at Lady Amber’s Reviews & PR have prided ourselves at being part of the book community, guiding authors into the hearts of readers all across the globe. We offer our authors quality one on one support around the clock and build a promotional plan catering to their specific needs. Our extensive catalog offers one of the largest bundles in the industry at the most affordable price. We consider it our mission to put our authors ahead of the game by offering them the very best and up to date marketing advantages.
By signing up with us, you can be assured we will stop at nothing to put you and your books in the spotlight. Whether you’re starting, or need a boost for an old release, we have something just for you. Here are some of the advantages you can expect from us.
- Media kits for, but not limited to, tours, cover reveals, release blitz, ARC requests (with reminders to bloggers to post material)
- Review requests (including reminders to reviewers to post their reviews)
- Takeover schedules (cross promotion with other authors)
- Promoting & sharing in groups and various Facebook pages
- Submitting & promoting books to e-magazines and various newsletters and paid subscriptions
- Newsletter swaps (cross promotion with other authors)
- Keeping on top of industry changes
- Buildings followers
- Helping with graphics
- Review Library
- Celebrity event gift bags submissions
- Finding signings in your areas
- Street team management, if needed
- Newsletter management and building
- Social media help, if needed
- Set up, maintain, and execute giveaways
- Help with Goodreads
- Marketing tips
- Finding or recommending services that I may not offer
- Recruiting beta readers
- Will help run ads on Facebook - still learning
We do, however, have a few rules that our authors must abide to before we can proceed.
- All rafflecopters set up by me will also include my social media links
- All tour/release banners will have my logo on it for bloggers to share
- Although you are paying for services, you must put effort into your promotions, this includes but doesn’t limit sharing your sign-up sheets and thunderclap/daycause campaigns.
Unfortunately, as much as we try to control everything, there are certain things even we can’t change. For example,

- We can NOT guarantee sales
- We can NOT guarantee that every person who receives an ARC will post a review
- We can NOT guarantee Facebook will always approve all ads
- We will do our best to share all our authors, but even we can NOT share every author, every day.
** We use our affiliate links when sharing book links. Yes, we may earn a small percentage for every click, but that percentage does not come from your earnings when a reader buys your product based on our recommendation. This also helps us determine which of our shares garnered the most clicks and sales, so we can better promote you. For questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
** I have a disclaimer with my bloggers that I will not share their information, authors will receive the links and dates of postings for tours.
** As much as we would love to read and review every one of your books, there’s just not enough time in a day for us to do so. If asked we will try to do so but can’t always fit in every book releases or published.
** Even if you’ve hired us and are paying for our services, doesn’t give you the right to belittle or disrespect us as people.
** We reserve the right to terminate our verbal agreement at any time.
** If you cancel services after the month has started, you are still liable for that month’s fees, just as I am still liable for services for that month.
** We do NOT share the sign up sheets made by others, whether made by PR’s or authors, although we are more than happy to set them up for you. This includes and not limited to; tours, newsletter swaps, and ARC Requests.
** Giveaways set up on behalf of the authors are not allowed to require readers to purchase a product in order to have entry to win. 
** Please be sure all materials for PR packages are in no later than 3 days before your PR services begin, unless needed ahead of time. If you are unable to get materials to me in a timely manner, please be sure to contact me so we can make other arrangements. Otherwise, you will have to reschedule your PR package dates. Bloggers deserve to have materials in a timely manner and book tours months in advance its only fair we give them time to be able to post.