Remembrance (Transcend Time, #1)

 4 Stars for Remembrance
By Michelle Madow

Elizabeth is immediately drawn to the new guy at school. But her bestfriend Chelsea has already claimed Drew for herself, besides Elizabeth has been Jeremy for 3 years now, she has no right to want Drew for herself.

Soon Elizabeth starts seeing visions of her past life, a past life with Drew. She realizes that they are meant to be together. However, Drew when she confronts Drew, he gives her the cold shoulder, but only to try and protect her from what happened in their past life.

With a connection as strong as theirs, it becomes obvious that they can't stand to be apart, but how can they be with one another without hurting Chelsea and Jeremy?

I really fell in love with Remembrance and felt as if Michelle Madow gave such great detail that I was able to see the story play out in my mind. I really wanted to give Remembrance a five, however I kept getting deja vu with the whole my best friend is dating my soul mate and the reincarnation scenario, however Remembrance is an enjoyable Young Adult read that I will definitely read again.

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  1. I really enjoyed Remembrance too. It just made me smile while i was reading it. Thanks for the review :) Im a new follower of your blog

    1. Thanks so much! Ive been a follower of your blog for quite some time now lol. And if you havent read Vengeance yet, I suggest you wait till Timeless comes out in December. Theres a big cliffhanger and itll drive you crazy!


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