5 Stars for Goddess Interrupted
By Aimee Carter

Calliope is up to her same old tricks. She's none too happy about the punishment given to her by Kate and enforced by the Council. And now that Kate has returned from her stay in Greece for the summer, Calliope is ready to get revenge on every one involved.

However, Calliope has inquired help from the one thing that can kill not only those of the Underworld but all of man kind, The Titans.

Now Kate must enlist the help from the one person she despises most, Persephone, her sister and Henry's Ex. With Persephone involved, Henry's feelings for her obvious and Kate is fightin for his affection in addition to every thing else that's going on around her.

Kate is faced with decisions she's not sure how to handle. Does she stay with Henry? Or does she leave him? Does she give into Calliope to save the others?

Kate believes there may be one option left, but it requires her to leave the Underworld and the safety of the Council.

This is a book I could read over and over again. Aimee Carter is anble to capture her readers attention and keep them intrigued. I can't to see what happens in the next book, Goddess Inheritence, unfortunately thats not for a while.


  1. I really loved the first one. This one is on my TBR list. It sounds great!

    Thanks for the review!


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