Ordained (The Immortal Archives, #1)

4 Stars for Ordained
by Devon Ashley

Abby grew up inside the Order, where she was abused on daily basis as part of her training. She was part of an experiment to try to make a stronger huntress. Little did they know that their experiment was about to back fire on them.

Two hundred years later Emily, a huntress, is sent out to kill Eraticus, however unbeknownst to her, she wasn't expected to survive. So when she returns to the Order, everyone is surprised to see she had survived.

When Emily reveals that she was saved by the huntress, Abby, the Order is shocked to hear she is still alive and has been this whole time. They are fearful of her past outburst and whether or not she could control herself.

The Order has no choice but to invite Abby and her husband/guardian to their home, for they fear that Morphus has or is about to waken and broke through the containment spell that was placed upon him years ago. It was foretold that Morphus could only be defeated by the Ordained Huntress. The Order doesn't know that Abby is the Ordained Huntress. So when Abby goes face to face with Morphus, her survival is not expected.

Ordained is action packed! I enjoyed reading this story, I felt it was different from your typical paranormal read. Abby was a fierce, strong, and at the same time a vulnerable character. I loved her. Devon Ashley did an awesome job with the characters in Ordained, they all had their own unique personalities and I felt as if I could relate to each one on some level, except for maybe the really evil ones. lol

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