Five stars for Creatura
By Nely Cab

Creatura was super exciting. I mean come on it's got several hot guys (gods). Nely Cab really did an amazing job. I fell completely in love with the characters. Creatura was one of those can't eat, can't sleep, can't stop thinking about, and stalking my dreams kind of book. (All in a good way of course!) And in case you're wondering what I mean; I'm' talking about a book that's so good you don't want to eat or sleep til you're finished and once it is finished, all you can do is think or dream about the book and how things will play out in the next book. Except when I dream about said book I became the main character with the hot boyfriend. So, obviously I have a new book boyfriend named David lol.

Isis has been having trouble sleeping. She's been having a recurring dream starring a dark figure, who is always scaring her.

After a few months, Isis finally decides to stand up for herself and confronts this dark figure only to find out he's just another teen boy. Or so she believes.

When David shows up as the new student in school, Isis is in shock to see the boy from her dreams. Once David is able to prove to Isis, that he is real and she hasn't gone crazy, he explains that he is a deity(god). He's in charge of Somnium, the place where Isis kept visiting in her dreams. David fears for her safety, because humans should not be able to enter Somnium.

David makes it clear from the beginning that he has feelings for Isis. She fights him at first and denies she has any feelings for him at all, even if she does feel a bit jealous when other girls notice how extremely hot he is.

Then Gabriel shows up, he is Isis's ex boyfriend. He wants her back and he's acting all crazy and psychotic, which is totally out of character for him. Gabriel starts harassing and threatening everyone, David takes it upon himself to help protect Isis. This is when things start to heat up between her and David. However, since David is a deity, he is not allowed to harm a human. Therefore, making it harder for him to keep his temper in check when it comes to keeping Isis safe. So, when it came time to protect her against Gabriel, David did what he did best, he focused on Isis.

So, the big questions are; Why is Gabriel acting the way he is? How can Isis be able to enter Somnium? To find out you MUST read this amazing book. 


  1. I've totally added this book to my Good Reads shelf! Thanks Amber for bringing it to my attention. Lots of cool stuff for the giveaway too :-):


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