Four Stars for Intangible
By J. Meyers

Intangible is full of excitement and action. there was never a dull moment with Sera and Luke. The characters not only deal with the paranormal/supernatural side of things but they also have normal every day, part of life, situations to worry about too, such as; homework, friends, family and so much more. If you like paranormal/supernatural reads, then I strongly suggest you read Intangible. I can almost guarantee that you wont be disappointed. In fact you'll be wanting more and that is why I can't wait to read the next book!!! EEEKKKK!!

Sera and Luke both knew they were special, however they didn't realize how special they were until all hell broke loose.

Luke is one of the Gifted's, he has visions. These visions have always came true, so when he has a vision of his twin sister's death, he is devastated. As hard as he tries, he never seems to be able to change the outcome of his visions.

Sera also a Gifted, but she doesn't have visions like her brother does. Instead Sera is able to heal others. They both have been successful of keeping their gifts secret, of so they thought.

Since Sera is so kind hearted, she tries to heal as many people as possible. Now some of these miraculous recoveries are getting noticed.

when Sera comes across a lady who seems to need help, she jumps at the chance to help her. Only Sera doesn't know that she just changed her back to human from vampire. But, Sera didn't think such things exist. Boy was she in for a surprise.

Jonas, a vampire see's the whole change Sera did with the other vampire, and he is livid, because he is in charge of the vampires of this territory. When he see's that Sera was completely clueless of what happened, he tries to defend and protect her as much as possible. And once Lilith, Head of the Vampire's, finds out what Sera has done, she orders someone to kill Sera and Luke's father.

Shortly after the death of their father, they find out they were adopted. Then everything starts unraveling, not only had Sera fallen for boy who's also a Gifted, they soon find out that vampire's are not the only things that exist. There's goblin's, and Fairies, and elves, OHMY!!! LOL Sorry just couldn't help myself.

Not only have they got the attention of Lilith, but they also have the dark shadows after them too.

Now that things have started to unravel, Luke has found out that him and his sister are part of a prophecy and that's why so many are after them.

In order to find out what the prophecy is about and whether or not Luke is able to change the outcome of their future, you must read this book!!


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