Someone Else's Fairytale 


I really loved and enjoyed reading Someone Else's Fairytale. This book was a much needed change from my regular paranormal and YA reads I have been reading here lately. It was relaxing and down to earth with real life events. E. M. Tippetts did an amazing job on this one. I would recommend this to any one who wants a book they can just lay out in the yard on a nice summer day with a cool breeze going and just fall into a story. Someone Else's Fairytale is one of them books you must buy and have on your bookshelf.

When movie star, Jason Vanderholt, comes to UNM (University of New Mexico), he's immediately drawn to Chloe Winters. Chloe has been talked into being an extra on his shoot by her best friend, Lori. Chloe hasn't seen many of Jason's movies nor does she see why girl's are falling all over him.

Jason tries to charm Chloe with his "movie star" tricks, however, Chloe's not that kind of girl. All she wants is to be normal. Seeing that Chloe isn't into his fame and fortune is a complete turn around for Jason and it makes him fall even harder for her. But Chloe is not looking for a relationship right now, so she makes it clear to him she just wants to be friends.

After months of talking on the phone, skyping, and friendly outings, they both have fallen for each other, even if Chloe doesn't want to admit it.

When family and life drama comes into play in both of their lives, they make sure they are there to support one another.

They soon admit their feelings for each other. But can Chloe handle all the attention from dating Hollywood's hottest movie star? Or is this someone else's fairytale?


  1. I haven't heard of this book before. It looks really good! Thanks for introducing it to me and for the great review! :)


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