4 Stars for Lore of Fei
By Kathleen S. Allen 

In Lore of Fei, you go through a crazy journey with Ariela (a wingless fairie) who is not only trying to find out where she belongs and who she is but she is also trying to save Fei and the fairies. I was captivated by Lore of Fei, I just wish there was a little bit more kissy mushy stuff in it. I loved how Ariela, the one who shouldn't exist, the one who has been sheltered most her life is the one who The Fairie Council go to, to seek help as their last resort to save themselves and their land. Ariela although sheltered is not as helpless as some may think, she's strong, independent and powerful. Humans have killed her parents, still she holds no grudge to the one responsible for murdering them, she cares for all as it is the way of the fairies. This book was exciting and full of action, there was never a dull moment. Kathleen S. Allen had you in a trance like no others, however I must say some of the language that was made for the book could become confusing therefore you had to stick with it to know what they were talking about at times, but don't let that stop you from reading this wonderful book, it will entertain.

Lore of Fei
By Kathleen S. Allen
Lore of Fei-Book One
Genre: YA fantasy

Publisher: Muse It Up Publishing
ASIN:  B0080IP310
Number of pages: 211
Word Count: 85,000

Faeries vs humans, who will win in the battle for the faerie land of Fei?

Book Description:
Ariela is a mutant faerie, born without wings. No wings means she has no magic.The Book of Lore states a silver-winged faerie will be born to save the faerie land of Fei but no silver-winged faerie has been born.  There is only Ariela. And she has no magic, or does she?

Book Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1GF3KP6gGI

Kathleen also has free 2 short stories on scribd

About the Author:

I am an urban faerie born without wings but I fly on the wings of imagination tethered to this mortal coil. Moonlight sustains me and sunlight devours me. Stars swim in my eyes and my soul bleeds on a daily basis. I am a writer.



Short Excerpt Lore of the Fei:

“I am not a human girl, Duri. I am a faerie, like you. I was born without wings.” His eyes widened, but he still did not speak. “The Old Ones sent me to find a way to stop the humans. There can be no war on Fei. I need to know what the humans plan and when they will raid Fei again. You can help save Fei from extinction, Duri. Will you help me and be loyal to me and to Fei?”
He nodded. It was a slight nod, but it was a nod.
“Thank you Duri.” I sensed relief from him. “Sunvi, of the Old Ones has been captured and is ensconced in the food area. His wings have been clipped, too. He will help us restore Fei to the land it once was.” I moved away from Duri toward the dragons. Tashie spotted me and flew over. She gave me a look, and I laughed at her. I sensed hunger from her. I reached in my pouch and pulled a sweet out. She took it and gobbled it down. I scratched under her chin, feeling the happiness flowing from her into me. I looked over to where Duri had stood, but he had gone back to the Lair. I hoped I could trust him. Faeries were much harder to read than humans.


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