5 Stars for Last Summer
By Rebecca A. Rogers

Last Summer was an amazingly written story that most can connect to in more ways than one. The passion and drama draws you in and once your hooked there's no putting this book down. I feel as if Last Summer really spoke to me, I really love it when I get a hold of a book that's soo good that certain parts stick in your head and you have to read them over and over again. Rebecca Rogers captured her characters and made them feel real, my heart really went out to the main characters involved. Last Summer wasn't just about a summer romance, it had passion, drama, and life. Chloe and Logan's story is one most people know too well; Chloes' parents' are about to get a divorce and it just leaves her hanging in the wind and then there's Logan; a homeless druggie who's parent kicked him out and now he has a drug dealer after him who is out for blood. They only people they have left to rely on is each other, just goes to show love comes from the craziest places. Even with their own issues they help one another overcome the ordeals life has handed them.

Last summer is a must read, but I must warn you; although the characters are in their late teens, this book is not for teenagers, it's more of a New Adult genre, there is curse words, sex and violence to an extent, however don't let this scare you, this books has lots of awesomesauce criteria.

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