Dust By Devon Ashley Blog Tour This or That

This or That with Devon Ashley!!!
EEEPPPP!!! I am so excited this was so fun to do with her!
1. Angels or Fairies: I've never been much of an angel fan (unless you count David Boreanaz)
2. Jack Sparrow or Will Turner: uh...I'm sorta into hygiene, and well...Jack Sparrow ain't.
3. Print or eBook: ebook to start, but if it's totally awesome, it deserves a coveted spot on the bookshelf!
4. Walk or Run: ...sorry...I'm still ROFLMAO!!! I hate running!
5. Book or Movie: As much as I love books, I love seeing them brought to life on the big screen even more!
Devon Ashley6. Chocolate or Vanilla: So long as it's vanilla bean.
7. Pizza or Salad: It depends on how fat my @ss is at that moment. :D
8. Pink or Blue: ...cause I have a little boy. :)
9. Facebook or Twitter: Hell to the no, am I gonna join yet another social media site! I just don't have the time!
10. Fantasy or Reality: My hubby's really cute, so fantasies aren't necessary.
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  1. I have to agree with Will Turner. As awesome as Jack Sparrow is, I'd go for Will any day.

  2. ilove the blog and then the gift are great the book cover is super

  3. The cover of this book is so awesome. I want to touch it!


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