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 5 Wing for MetaMorphosis
By Devon Ashley

In the beginning of Metamorphosis, I was confused there was so many twists and turns but they all came out and made sense in the end, Thank God because I was sooo about to loose my mind with all the betrayal and lies that were going on. Devon Ashley is an amazing author I have read just about all of her books and she always seems to keep me captivates, she always has something more and new to bring to each new story.

Metamorphosis is the second in The Immortal Archives series, In the first book we read more about Abby, this time we are reading about abby, Noel, Emily and so many more. ( I would tell you who else but then I would be doing some major spoiling.)

Emily is training as she is turning into one of the Pure Vampires. Abby and Noel are there to help her along the way, that is until Abby finds out that she is pregnant, which is a miracle because Vamps can't get pregnant. When she is held hostage by the one person she holds in her heart most, she feels such betrayal especially when she thinks she's being set up to be handed over to her father, who she watched murder her mother over 200 years ago.

Now Emily is on her own to learn her new skills and she is having some unexpected experiences that are really starting to worry her. Then some of her friends come into town. However, now Emily is faced with having to rescue Abby. When her friends are put into harms way because of Emily's new life style she takes it hard, so hard she just about hits rock bottom.

I would say more but if I do I fear I will give away too many spoilers and that's just not my style!! This is an awesome series, I can't wait to read the next book, Catacombs. I am hoping for more blush worthy moments, and hoping that something is going on with Emily and .......


  1. I'm SO glad you loved this & thanks for not adding spoilers.

  2. I'm interested in reading this series. Sounds good.

  3. It was hard to review without giving anything away! I feel you on that one.


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