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5 Stars for The Tragedy of Knowledge
by Rachael Wade

 The Tragedy of Knowledge was intense and action packed. I have loved The Resistance Trilogy from the beginning and have followed it all the way through. The journey you are taken on with Gavin and Camille is enthralling. I have loved it every step of the way. The passion the two main characters share can only be described as intense. I am so sad to see this series come to an end as I could read and journey with these two forever. Rachael Wade is an amazing author that I will always want more from.

In The Tragedy of Knowledge, Gavin is leading the resistance team to Amaranth. Only this time they are up again the King of Amaranth, Gerard, and Arianna's father. Only no one knows how to end the reign of this Hybrid vampire.

Camille keeps getting these visions but doesn't know what they are telling her, she only knows that it has something to do with the end of Amaranth but fears it may be too late by time she is able to decipher these visions. With the help of the Book of Ancients she head in the only direction she can, following her heart and love into Amaranth. What they find there is beyond their imaginations but they know they have to try for the sake of the Amaranthians and those they hold dear, to take Gerard down.

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Amber! I'm so, so glad you enjoyed the final book of the series. Off I go to share!

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