ARC Review: Dirt by K F Ridley

Five Stars for Dirt 
By K F Ridley


My Review: I have to say at first thinking about reading a book called Dirt, wasn't appealing at first, however, straight from the start this book was amazing. K F Ridley started this book right from the beginning there was no boring easing you into the book mode, I loved every bit and couldn't turn the pages fast enough. Dirt was full of action, passion, and FAIRY'S!! I have mentioned I LOVE Fairy's!! But let me tell you this is not your typical fairytale, its so much!! I was captivated by Dirt from the beginning!! I loves the imagination and thought that was put into this book, you don't see a lot of that anymore and that amazed me. I highly recommend Dirt to EVERYONE, and I so hope there will be a sequel, which with cliffhanger ending I am seriously betting there is one!!

Ashe was raised by her father, since her mother died after she was born. Her father is a bit strange and she has really taken care of herself. She really only has one friend, Taylie. Ashe doesn't date, her father's weird tactics are so extreme she wouldn't dare bring someone to the house to meet. She fears once they meet him they would reject her immediately.

Rowen shows up and Ashe's world is turned up side down, she is so drawn to him. So when he starts following her, she's a little bit scared but excited at the same time, I mean he's hot! Then strange things start happening to her, like the unexplained reaction she has toward her teacher.

Ashe soon finds herself in Durt with the fairy's. She is in for such a surprise not only does she learn that she is half human and half fairy, but her mother was royalty. Oh and evil is after only trying to kill her.

Ashe is now wishing she could go back to her normal boring life, where she doesnt have to worry about evil, forbidden love or fairy's. But then she wouldn't want to live life now that she has found out how love feels and now that she is responsible for humanity and the fairy's she doesn't know where her life stands.

K F RidleyAuthor Bio:  As a child, I was labeled as the kid with too much energy. Desperately, I did my best to conform to the ways of the world. Later, to realize I had to be myself. As a result, my imagination went wild. These days,I funnel my energy, exuberance, and high-jinx into my debut series, The C. Walker Adventures, beginning with, The Curse of Yama. The first release of The Dirt Trilogy will in 2012...There’s no telling where my mind will take me–and you—next. I live with my family in Mississippi, with my three dogs, 2 miniature horses, miniature donkey named Dobey and pot bellied pig named Baxter.