Review: North Pole High by Candace Jane Kringle

North Pole High by Candace Jane Kringle

Title: North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus

Author: Candace Jane Kringle

Genre: YA

Publisher: Elfpublishing books

Expected Release Date: October 2, 2012

MEET SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD CANDYCANE CLAUS. She's the most popular girl at North Pole High. Her father is world-famous. And every day is Christmas. What more could any girl want?

BOYS! And the new boy, Rudy Tutti, is hot chocolate. But he hates anything to do with Christmas!

When Candy and Rudy are forced to work together on a school Christmas-tree project, her world is turned upside down: Her grades start to suffer, she loses her taste for ice cream, and now the two North-Star-cross'd teens must contend with her overprotective father — Santa Claus — before Christmas is ruined for EVERYONE!

My Review: When I first started reading North Pole High, I didn't think I was going to like it, I thought it was all about little people being all jolly for Christmas, don't get me wrong it had some of that but then you saw another side, the side where living in the North Pole wasn't all about reindeer and presents. The Clause family were just as crazy as every other family. I mean Santa had a 16 year old daughter names Candycane, who was pushing her Daddy's buttons, but that was only because he didnt want his little girl to grow up.

A new kid moves in town, Rudy is not into Christmas and can't stand the fact that everyone around him is all into it. That's all they talk about and think about, I mean half of what they eat has to do with Christmas. Rudy has gotten into a lot of trouble at his old school, in fact North Pole High is his last straw.

Candycane is the daughter of Santa Clause, she could do no wrong, that is until she start's hanging out with the new bad boy, although she has a boyfriend named Tinsel.

Candycane and Rudy don't like one another at first glance however, once they get to know each other they hit it off fast, and now Candycane is in all kinds of trouble but its her trouble and Rudy gets the blame because of his bad boy rep.

Santa has forbid Candycane to see Rudy, which makes her want to see him even more, especially since she can see the change in him. She defies her father at all cost, trying to get him to understand that she is not a little girl anymore and he needs to let her make her own decisions. To find out who wins this age long battle between father and daughter read North Pole High!!

About The Author
Candace Jane Kringle is a junior at North Pole High. She likes candy canes, unicorn races, and making snow angels. Her father is the most well-known and beloved toymaker and toy distributor in the

world. Her memoir, North Pole High: A Rebel Without a Claus , is her first book. After high school, she plans to enroll at North Pole University and write more books, maybe even some fiction. :)

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