Pyramid of the Moon By Teresa Smith Blog Tour

We all have a darker side. Nobody knows this better than Eva Mason. Her ancestors were hungry for ultimate power, and now she and her friends must pay the price for that greed.
Can you imagine feeling as if you don't belong in your own body? Life is hard when you don't know who you truly are, or what you are capable of.
Who can she trust, and who will end up betraying her?
Everything was changing, even herself and she could feel the influence of the Moon Goddess pushing her to the edge of her emotions, and if she didn't maintain some sort of balance; some sort of self control, she was afraid of tipping over the edge and losing herself. And she was scared that she would like it.

"Do not swear by the Moon, for she changes constantly. Then your love would also change." ~ William Shakespeare
Author Bio: 
Teresa Smith has been writing short stories since she was ten years old. She served a full term in the United States Air Force and then decided to raise her three beautiful daughter’s full time.
Working on a degree in Business Management, she couldn’t turn off the urge to write stories and it became her main focus.
She currently lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, three daughters and golden retriever.

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