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Long Road Full Speed AheadSynopsis - A young girl struggles with abuse, addiction, and abortion all while trying to go to school. Somehow she hits rock bottom and finds an unlikely love story.

Blurb -  Grace finds herself with a toxic friend and a brand new hobby
when she discovers meth. She had a promising future before Grayson came into the picture. A wolf in sheep's clothing he soon shows his true colors and they are painted with black and blue. The drugs cause
more problems than they fix, but lost in the intoxicating world of numbness she must find herself through abuse, addiction, and abortion.
Will she let the drugs take her out of the world, and be forever numb, or will an unlikely love pull her out and make her feel again?

 After reading Long Road Full Speed Ahead, I needed a couple days to think about what I read because this book was intense, but in a different kind of way as in real life drama intense. The events that happened in Long Road are serious and real events that happen in real life every day, especially with the younger crowd of society, and I for one am glad that someone is writing about, it needs to be known. The thing that I liked about Long Road is that Emily Walker didn't hold back, she didn't make Long Road into a fairy tale. What she had to tell in her book rang true and I am sure I will not be the first blogger to say that I felt a connection to Grace and have been in her position, even if I'm not proud of it. I am hoping there are others out there that will read Long Road and learn from it, although I know for most it takes making our own mistakes before we learn.

Grace was a good girl in college, she made good grades and was in a sorority. Life was good, well except the abusive boy friend and the shitty job. However, Grace found her self in a lot more trouble than just the abusive boy friend, she found her self in with drugs, alcohol and the whole partying scene. I don't want to giveaway too much so I will leave you with this, Long Road Full Speed Ahead is not for everyone, as I said before it's intense, but it's also full of drama. I will warn you that although there is no real sex scenes the language and drug content that is in Long Road is not for those under the age of 18.

I live in the mountains of North Carolina and am writing between going to Graduate School and working full time as an Office Manager at my alma mater. I am a writer and editor with Midnight Hour Publishing. I
also write as Lyra Mcken for GMTA Publishing and Jewels Moss for Midnight Fire! I am also a Self Pubbing Maniac! My favorite author is Heinlein, but I also have a weak spot for Jane Austin.

My recent novels include The Reluctant Succubus with Midnight Hour Publishing, Why Yellow Jackets Can't Find the Hole with Midnight Fire Publishing and then a self published release Long Road Full Speed Ahead.

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