Review & Blog Tour: Shadowguard Series by MIchelle Zink

Temptation's Heat (The Shadowguard, #1) Synopsis:
When Rowen Black is assigned to the elite unit of angelic assassins known as the Shadowguard, he thinks his biggest challenge will be overcoming his less-than-stellar reputation. But that’s before he meets his match in Scarlet Montgomery.

Beautiful, strong, and with a temper to match Rowen’s own, Scarlet is focused on the Shadowguard and her possible future as its leader. She’s become an expert at keeping her personal life separate from the Guard, all too aware that as the boss’s daughter, fellow warriors see her not as someone to be respected, but as someone to be protected.

Avoiding entanglements gets a lot harder when Rowen saunters into the room. Rowen puts the bad in "bad boy." Their connection is hot, visceral, and instantaneous.

When the pair are assigned to a joint investigation, they come face-to-face with their undeniable attraction, forcing Scarlet to consider that the connection is not only physical, but a destiny written in the halls of time.

My biggest complaint about Temptation's Heat was that it wasn't long enough!!! I could have read about Scarlet and Rowen for days!! The "Heat" was INTENSE!!! I love Michelle Zink's work in YA and now that she had moved onto Adult, just goes to show how much of an amazing author she truly is.

Rowen Black is the bad boy in the Shadowguard, known as one not to be tamed. He's not looking forward to having to be under Ambrose's authority, that is till he see's Scarlet, and boy does he got it bad. But it doesn't keep him from being the cocky person he knows he is.

Scarlet is one of the well known fighter and trainer's daughters, therefore, she must work harder than anyone else in the Shadowguard to prove her worth. Don't mistake her as being weak because she is anything but. Scarlet is fierce, but so stubborn and wont let anything get in her way of becoming a successful warrior, that includes any hot males that come along.

If you are a fan of Michelle's work than don't miss out on this series, although I must warn it is not for those under the age of 18 as there is sexual scenes included in the story.

Temptation's Kiss (The Shadowguard, #2)
Lily Montgomery is perfectly happy taking care of everyone else. That is, until her friendship with Shadowguard warrior, Kane Dawson, begins to blossom into something more.

But Lily has a secret. One that will keep her from ever making her feelings known to Kane.
One of the Shadowguard’s fiercest warriors, Kane has a soft spot for Lily. A long-standing member of the Shadowguard, he can’t figure out when his feelings for Ambrose Montgomery’s youngest daughter morphed from brotherly affection into desire and an unfamiliar longing that feels a lot like love.

Kane holds himself in check knowing that Lily deserves better. A man in a suit, dinner at six every night, rosy-cheeked children who won’t have to worry that their father might be killed by one of the Legion’s wraiths.

But when the pair are thrown together by a set of circumstances beyond their control, they are forced to confront their growing passion and decide if love is worth the risk of baring it all.

I loved Temptation's Kiss so much more so than Temptation's Heat. Michelle Zink has really out done her self with this series. I am truly honored to have been asked to review The Shadowguard Series. It is exceptionally captivating, however, my one complaint with Temptation's Heat still stands with Temptation's Kiss, the book was not long enough!!! I wanted to read so much more!! Although I do feel that this time we did get more of a peak into the life of a Shadowguard, unlike the first book.

Temptation's Kiss was about Ambrose's youngest daughter, Lilly.
Lilly isn't one of the warriors, she has chosen not to be one of the Shadowguard, she doesn't like all the violence and fighting. She is content being staying home and taking care of everyone in the Shadowguard, she loves to cook and bake for them all.

Kane is one of the warriors of the Shadowguard and he's got it bad for Lily. He loves the way she smells, but she's so delicate in his eyes and feels that she deserves so much more than he can offer her. What he doesn't realize is that he is just what Lily wants and needs. However, she has a couple secrets of her own that she is just not ready to share with any man and doesn't feel that she can give any one a real relationship so she goes at it day by day taking care of everyone else.

The fire, passion and heat is just too much for these two to keep away from each other for too long, I highly recommend this series for everyone over the age of 18. I must warn that there is sexual content in this story.

 Michelle Zink lives in New York with her four children. Prophecy of the Sisters was her first novel, and was chosen as one of Booklist's Top Ten Debut Novels of 2009 and as one of the Chicago Public Library's Best Books for Young Readers. It has also been listed on the New York Public Library's Stuff for the Teen Age and the Lone Star Reading List.