Cover Reveal: Destined by Jenna Pizzi

Lilly has always been plagued by dreams; she dreams of another place and time, a place of pure beauty and light that suddenly erupts into fire and destruction. Then, there is the man with the haunting blue eyes that look right through to her very soul. In one fateful afternoon Lilly learns that the dreams are more real than she could’ve ever imagined. They are a link to who she really is; the Gatekeeper to the realms. Born from both light and dark, with her memories bound, she learns that it is her destiny to gather the relics of the flower of life. Lilly must do this in order to close the gates before the under realm destroys them all, but there are those who will stop at nothing to keep her from fulfilling her destiny. There are those who will try to sway her into the dark. She is torn between the love of two brothers; one, her loyal warrior, who has loved her since the beginning, and the other with the enthralling blue eyes that speak to her soul. One brother fights for the light, while the other fell into the darkness. Will she choose the brother that her soul longs for, or the brother that her heart calls out to?

Jenna PizziI see pictures and images that come alive in my mind. That's where my stories come from. I have the innate ability to be able to hit the pause button and then continue on when I want to see what happens.
I have been a storyteller my entire life. In the times when I was in need of an escape, I was able to create a world of my own to hide for a while.

I have dealt with many traumatic life events in recent years, and I believe that my way of coping with it all has been to sit down and write. I pour every emotion that I am feeling at that moment into the words on the screen. The stories just take on a life of their own. So, now I want to share with the rest of the world, the world in which I create, and hope that it helps the reader to escape into a fantasy of their own.