Blog Tour & Giveaway: Star Cursed by Ashley Lavering~~Movie Interview with Beast & Tayla

 Star Cursed

Interview with movie director, Beast and, soon to enter set, Tayla: 
Movie director sits across from Beast in the studio. “Beast, it is a pleasure to have you on the possible set of the movie Curse of the Beast. How does it feel knowing you might star in a major motion picture?”

Beast shifts, annoyed at the wording. “Co-star, Tayla is after all the other half of my soul. Can’t have a movie without her.”

“Of course, my apologies.” The director waves for him to continue. “Please continue.”

Beast eases back into his chair and looks around. “The movie will be interesting. Not sure if I’m comfortable with being the center of attention, but Tayla’s heart is set on it, so I’ll do it. I just hope we have a good graphics team and stunt doubles for Tayla. I don’t like seeing her get hurt.”

Beast gaze bores into the directors. The directors squirms and says, “I guess we can rearrange the budget. Will you be needing a stunt double, too?”

Beast growls, his caramel eyes swirl with silver. “Do you not think me capable of dealing with my own pack?” The director swallows hard, and Beast continues, “And don’t insult me about the fight scene with that sniveling weasel, Kyle. He’ll be the hurting when I’m done with him.”
                “Beast.” Tayla enters the set and places a calming hand on Beast’s broad shoulder. “I am sure the director didn’t mean to insult you or your wolf. Isn’t that right?” Tayla throws the director a pointed glance.
                “I would never dream of insulting you. I completely believe in your abilities. I promise it won’t be brought up again.” The director rubs his sweaty palms on his slacks and let out a grateful sigh at Tayla’s timely apperance.
                “See, he didn’t mean any harm.” Tayla steps around Beast’s chair and sits in the one beside him. “Now, about this stunt nonsenses.”
                Beast growls. “I’m your alpha, and I’ll not waver on this, Tayla.”
                Tayla’s eyes streak blue and the director back his chair up. “Don’t you dare pull rank on me.” Their eyes locked in battle until Beast speaks.
                “Tay, I’m just trying to protect you.” Beast grips the arms of the chair and the wood groans in protest. “Besides if you have a stunt double, I won’t have to endure seeing that creeps hands on you, again.”
                Tayla’s green eyes softened and her hand skims over the top of his white knuckles. “I agree for the stunt double in the hands-on Kyle scenes, but the fun stunts I get to do.”
                Beast frowns and threads his fingers in hers, refusing to say anything.
                “Please.” Tayla brushes her free hand over his chin. His gaze jerks up to hers. She smiles crookedly. “Besides you can’t have all the fun.”


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