Blog Tour: Blossom by Jennifer Martinez

Title: Blossom
Author: Jennifer Martinez

Genre: Young Adult

Release Date: July 5, 2013

My name is Maia. I'm a princess, a fae princess to be exact. But I don't want to be. See, my whole life, I've always been the center of attention, and I've never understood why. Give me boring, ordinary, and simple any day. It's hard enough trying to work my way through high school. Add running a kingdom to that? Yea, not so much.
Magic, mystery, fairies. I just want to pass driver’s ed.

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One day while slaving away at her monotonous day job, Jennifer Martinez found her true calling. Like a firefly in the night, the pages called to her. Once she caught the bug there was no stopping it. Her fingers flew furiously across the keyboard winding tales of love, mystery and anger. She snapped out of her reverie to find herself still behind the desk but at least she knew who she was… Author Jennifer Martinez.
I like to think of myself as a beautiful conundrum. When I am not writing, I can be found surrounded by my amazing family and 4 dogs or volunteering at a local animal rescue. I love who I am and don’t mind at all when I get strange looks from people. I am a tattoo covered, child and animal lover who looks forward to destroying peoples preconceived notions of what “someone like me” would be interested in. You only live life once… you may as well make it interesting.
I love to get lost in a good book and hope that everyone will get lost in mine.


A bed of orange, red and yellow flowers envelop me in my forest bed. The sweet song of the bluebirds rouses me from my sleep. All around me I see trees and feel at peace. “Maia,” I hear whispered behind me. “Come and find me Maia.” I turn and begin my search for the melodic voice that calls to me. His voice is getting farther away and now I am running to find him. The greens and oranges fade to browns and whites as I run through fall and into winter. His voice is getting louder, “Maia.” As I round the next snow capped tree I come face to face with beautiful silver eyes.
“You know my name. You were calling me.” I say in a breathy whisper afraid to disturb the peace of the forest.
“I know not only your name, but you. It is almost time for you to come home. We have all missed you.”
“But I don’t know you. How can you miss me?”
“It will all make sense in time Maia.”
He leans in close and kisses my cheek. The intoxicating smells of ylang ylang and pine enter my nose and send my nerves into a tizzy. His kiss is soft, almost as if a butterfly had landed on my cheek. The feel of his breath on my face sends the butterflies from my cheek to my stomach.
“Can I at least know your name?”
“Heaton, young Maia. My name is Heaton. I must leave you now. We will meet again soon.”