Blog Tour & Giveaway: Stay With Me by Abigail Kerber

Title: Stay With Me

Author: Abigail Kerber 
Genre: Young Adult

Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours

Synopsis - 
Recovering from a devastating heartbreak, Bailey Hart has sworn off all relationships and is determined to focus on her future away from Milton, Oklahoma.  Everything is going according to plan until a mysterious new guy moves to her small town.  Ty Jacobs is everything Bailey wants to avoid; however, she finds herself drawn to him in ways she can't explain.  Will Bailey's stubbornness force her to stay on the path she has laid out for herself, or will Ty find his way into her already broken heart? 

 Stay With Me was amazing. I loved that although it was YA the teens in this story wasn't so hyped up on fashion and style, however they were teens so the party scene was still there but a little more realistic at least where I'm from. Abigail Kerber has a very well written story here and I can not wait to read the sequel. Stay With Me was very entertaining and full of excitement. It was a short read, I wish there was more, I could have read about Ty and Bailey forever. My only complaint would be the cliff hanger but that's because I NEED to know what is happening or going to happen, I mean WOW I so did not see that coming!!

Bailey has sworn off guys after her last break up, that was until she saw the new guy in town Ty. He soon lets her see not all guys are out to her and break you. Bailey wants to trust Ty but she doesn't know him well enough and he has secrets of his own that he's not ready to tell. 


Stay With Me is the debut novel by Abigail Kerber.

Kerber is an Oklahoma native who received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Journalism and Broadcasting from Oklahoma State University in 2005. Beyond her passion for writing, Kerber and her husband enjoy traveling and spending time with their growing family.

Kerber currently resides in Oklahoma City with her husband, two sons, and dog.

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Ty stood in the middle of the candles holding a bouquet of flowers. I could see his broad smile as the light flickered off of his chiseled jawline.

“How did you know I would come here tonight?” I asked as I slowly walked up the steps toward the man I was sure was the love of my life.

“Lucky guess,” Ty laughed as he watched me walk toward him. “Or maybe I've been waiting here every night for the last week.”