~Cover Reveal~ The Fawn by Susan Griscom

Susan Griscom
New Adult
Amber Glow Books
date: Winter/Spring 2014
 Note: Contains strong language and violence.


After a not-so-wonderful young adulthood—shuffled from
one foster home to another—Lena Benton had hoped marriage would be her ticket
to happiness. Wedded a year after high school graduation, Lena was certain
she’d found her knight. But when Troy Harington’s true colors surface shortly
after their glorious day of elopement, things aren’t quite as rosy as
Lena had envisioned. When an unforeseen event turns ugly, all she can do is ...

But does she run far enough?

Jackson Beaumont prides himself on being a
nature-loving, guitar-strumming carefree sort of guy, known for his
eagerness to help injured animals find their way back into the wild. When Lena
Benton walks into his bar, he’s once again swept off his feet with concern and
desire to help the wounded. Will he risk having his heart torn apart again when
the memory of the fawn he rescued as a child resurfaces?

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about Susan

I grew up in a small town
in Pennsylvania, spending most of my time daydreaming or playing around in the
mud. I grew out of the mud play, well, most of the time, a good soak in the mud
is always fun. I still daydream often and sometimes my daydreams interrupt my
daydreams. So, I write to remember them. If I didn't write, I think my mind
would explode from an overload of fantasy and weirdness. To the annoyance of my
friends and family, my characters sometimes become a part of my world. During
my childhood, I would frequently get in trouble in school for daydreaming.
Eventually, my vivid imagination paid off and I had the privilege of writing and
co-directing my sixth-grade class play--a dreadful disaster, though not from my
writing, of course. I'm pretty sure it was the acting.

I enjoy writing about
characters living in small quaint towns and sometimes they tend to lean toward
the unusual and edgy.

My paranormal playing
field delves into a different milieu, abandoning vampires and werewolves, but
not discounting them. Someday I might like to write a novel about vamps and
those furry creatures. But for now I like the bizarre mixed with romance. A
strong hero or heroine confronted with extraordinary forces of nature, powers
and capabilities gets my blood running hot as does a steamy contemporary romantic
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