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Incarnation by Susan Nolan
Young Adult Paranormal
Publisher: Evernight Teen
Katherine Blair has no idea she possesses supernatural abilities. Not until Richard St. James, an intriguing and mysterious classmate with powerful skills of his own, initiates her into his world.  Wanting to explore her newfound shape-shifting powers, she spends time getting to know Richard, only to find herself increasingly drawn to him as time goes by.
Haunted by dreams of ancient times, she is caught in a desperate struggle against past injustice. The link to this unknown past experience sends her own life plummeting into the dark realms of revenge and murder, as she attempts to reconcile her feelings for the young man she’s come to rely on to protect her and keep their shared secret.

Will Katherine and Richard be able to break the spell that has held her captive through the years, before it consumes her? Can their budding young love survive tragedy, or will they be torn apart?

Susan Nolan can’t imagine a world without books and loves to share the adventure by creating stories of her own. The realms of fantasy and mystery are her preferred genres and, reading or writing, she becomes easily lost between the pages of a good book. She loves to travel and draws on the sights and sounds of her experiences to weave the tapestry of her work. Immersed in the world of literature from a very early age she strives to create a story that you just can’t put it down.  Susan was born in England but emigrated to Canada as a child, and now resides in Southern Ontario with her husband and her three children.
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