Happy Release Day! Deceptive Treasures by Dianna Love

The Slye Temp Series

A blown CIA operation in the UK destroyed an elite mercenary black ops unit two years ago. Surviving members disappeared to heal their wounds, and have now resurfaced as part of Slye Temp, an agency contracting security work with corporate America. 
At least, that’s what goes on above ground...
The latest from New York Times bestseller Dianna Love, the Slye Temp series is sexy, fast-paced romantic suspense.

The Stories In Reading Order:
Book 1
LAST CHANCE TO RUN—Zane & Angel’s explosive romantic adventure:  To an undercover agent, she’s a person of interest.  He’s interested.
Book 2
NOWHERE SAFE—Josh & Trish’s rollercoaster ride to love and redemption:  He has nothing to lose until she gives him a reason to live.
Book 3
HONEYMOON TO DIE FOR—Ryder & Bianca’s dangerous secret vows:  She’s convinced he’s guilty. He knows he’s not. Can they survive long enough to prove who’s right?
Book 4
KISS THE ENEMY—Logan & Margaux’s deadly renegade mission:  Her only hope is in the hands of her enemy.

Book 5 (April 2014)
DECEPTIVE TREASURES—Tanner & Jin’s international affair:  Allowing her to live turns into a dangerous mistake, but he’ll risk all to keep her safe or die trying.

Full blurb for DECEPTIVE TREASURES (April 2014):
Allowing her to live turns into a dangerous mistake, but he’ll risk all to keep her safe or die trying. 

Slye Temp agent Tanner Bodine’s decision to save an unexpected female defector on a black ops mission blows up in his face, putting his country and his family at risk.  Brilliant physicist Soo Jin is willing to risk everything to save her sister from the deadly Orion Hunters, but a sexy cowboy gets in her way.  Tanner must let go of his past and Jin must face her darkest fear in a race to prevent chemical warfare unleashed that will bring America to its knees.  

But their greatest challenge lies in the choice of who to save when emotions blur the lines between duty and love.

Praise for Slye Temp and Dianna Love
“The Slye Temp series is always packed with physical risks and steamy passion… a series I never want to end.”

~~Amelia, SingleTitles.com  

“It seems with each book, this series gets better…(Love) has an uncanny ability of always creating wonderful characters that you care about… This (Honeymoon To Die For) was such a beautiful romance, one of the best I have read this year.”

“Love combines powerful suspense with heart-twisting romantic conflict for an emotional kick I can't get anywhere else.”

~~Katy A, Amazon reviews

“Be sure to take a deep breath before you dive into a Slye Temp novel - prepare for shocks, thrills and above all a fantastic read you won't want to ever end.”

~~Sara Reyes, Fresh Fiction

"Dianna Love just keeps getting better. No other romantic suspense author gives this combination of intense romance in a big story."

~~Cerise, Amazon reviews 


New York Times bestseller Dianna Love once dangled over a hundred feet in the air to create unusual marketing projects for Fortune 500 companies. She now writes high-octane romantic suspense, thrillers and urban fantasy. Her new Slye Temp romantic suspense series launched its first four books in 2013 to rave reviews and more will follow in 2014. Her books are available in print and ebook.  On the rare days she’s not in her writing cave, Dianna enjoys touring the country on her BMW motorcycle. She lives in the Atlanta, GA area with her motorcycle-instructor husband and a tank full of unruly saltwater critters. Read excerpts of her books at www.authordiannalove.com or join her Dianna Love Street Team on Facebook and get in on the fun!


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