Blog Tour & Giveaway: Crimson Fire by Bella Harte

Title: Crimson Fire ~ Book II ~ The Seraphoenix Saga
Author: Bella Harte
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance ~ YA Fantasy
Hashtags: #YAPNR #YALit #TeenReads #Angels
Expected Publish Date: 22nd May 2014
Tour Host: Lady Amber's Tours
Blog Tour: 1st – 14th June
Cover Artist: Jessica Allain Art
Book Blurb:
It was meant to be fixed… her destiny back on track, how wrong could she be…
Just when Scarlett thought everything was back to normal, well as normal as life can be with a posse of Seraphoenix Angel Guardians looking out for you.  She wakes to find her life plunged into a whole new nightmare, where time itself has changed and she appears to be the only one aware of it.

In this new reality everything has altered, Leo and the Seraphoenix are missing.  Even her parents are different, as they turn against her when she is unexpectedly framed for things she didn't do.  To make matters worse she is unceremoniously shipped off to a supposed reform school for out of control teens in the wilds of ‘god-knows-where’ escorted by someone she recognises and really wished she didn’t.

Nothing is what it seems at the new school and the pupils are less than hospitable.  Scarlett finds herself in one deadly situation after another at the mercy of all those around her, and there is no-one she can trust with her secret.
Can Scarlett escape the menacing clutches of evil in this new reality?
Will Leo come to her rescue?

Bella Harte has been writing for well over a decade, and completed several novels before deciding to go in a whole new direction and write for the Young Adult genre. More specifically the YA PNR – Young Adult Paranormal Romance category.
Her first published YA Novel was ‘Scarlett Phoenix’ - Book I in The Seraphoenix Saga in 2012, with Book II:- ‘Crimson Fire’ being scheduled for release in 2014 and Book III:- ‘Red Ashes’ for 2015.
She has also been working on two other YA PNR series:
The Angel of Death Series
Book I – Reaper     Book II – Touched     Book III – Afterlife
Nine Lives Series
Book I – The Glaring    Book II – Midnight Calling     Book III - Hunters Moon   
Aside from writing, Bella has also worked as a fashion designer and interior designer. She lives in a quiet part of rural England with her gorgeous husband, who doesn't mind in the slightest if she vanishes for hours at a time into her writing cave.
Author Links:
Twitter: @BellaHarteBooks
LinkedIn: LinkedIn

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What inspired you to write?
Growing up I always loved books, stories, writing, painting and creating ‘stuff’.  My parents were total work-a-holics and my brother was away at school, we had no close neighbours as our house was quite isolated so I spent an awful lot of time on my own and TV back in the day was nothing like it is today.  I was left to my own devices and had to entertain myself, so that’s where it all began.
Then about 16 years ago I was between jobs and I’d always wanted to write a novel.  I’d written short stories and comedy sketches for a long time, so I took advantage of my time out and started work on a kids book.  I worked on the Illustrations building a lovely portfolio but before it was finished I got another job.  So it sat there for a couple of years and then I started to write again and I’ve never stopped since.
Can you tell us a little about Crimson Fire?
I sure can and I’d love to.  Crimson Fire is the 2nd novel in The Seraphoenix Saga.  The first novel in the series is called Scarlett Phoenix, which you can find out about at my website or at amazon.  In Crimson Fire our heroine, Scarlett finds herself in an altered reality, where everything has changed and nothing is as it should be.  Her Seraphoenix Guardian Angels are missing and Leo, the love of her life is gone too.  In this instalment a lot of secrets are revealed and the one person she thought she could trust is finally exposed.   I hope that’s enough of a teaser! LOL  
Do you have anything in WIP that you can tell us about?
I have two on the boil right now.  One is called Reaper, the first novel in my Angel of Death Series about a young female reaper who finds herself in the middle of deadly mystery and she’s the prime suspect. The second is top secret right now ;)  However I can say this, it’s hot and perfectly paranormal or splendidly supernatural, and I’m so loving writing it, in fact I’ll be really sad when it’s finished.
What’s your favourite genre to read?
I love the paranormal/supernatural genre, that’s my absolute favourite right now and anything sci-fi/dystopian is really great too.
If you weren't an author what would you be doing?

I would most likely be working in either the fashion or interior design industry or I would completely opt out of main stream life and rescue animals.  

You get a chance to travel anywhere in the world, where do you go?
I’d go to Bora Bora, [French Polynesia in the South Pacific] and go get lost for a while in one of those fabulous water bungalows and completely forget about the real world and go for total immersion in my fantasy world.
Who is your favorite author?
Like that’s not the hardest question ever!  It is impossible for me to pick just one so here’s a few of my top YA Authors, in no particular order:  Lili St Crow, Shannon Delaney, Cameo Renae, Becca Fitzpatrick, Jana Oliver,  C.C. Hunter, PC & Kristen Cast, Beth Revis … I could go on and on… but I think we’d be here a while!
Tell us something weird about you that not many people would know or guess
Something that not many people would know or guess… Hmmmmm… let’s see… ah yes, this is perfect.  I got myself a couple of bee hives, as you know the world bee population is in a serious decline and I like to do my bit for the planet.  So there I am the proud owner of 2 hives full of bees, and being a novice, I enlisted the help of a local bee keeper to teach me how to do everything, as there is only so much you can learn from books.  Hands-on learning is the best way by far.  All my previous on-site hive adventures had been completely trouble free and gone like clockwork.    
This new teacher arrived and within five minutes of opening my first hive, the bees swarmed, went completely berserk and unfortunately for me the Velcro neck flap on my bee suit wasn’t secure and a whole posse got inside the veil and were crawling all over my face and in my hair and when I tell you, it was not the lesson I ever expected – it seriously wasn’t!   You can imagine the horror of trying not to scream in case you got a mouthful of bees, and believe me when you can feel all those little legs crawling all over your face, over your eyes, up your nose and in your ears coupled with the high pitched angry buzzing and you can’t do a thing, you so want to scream - I was lucky and only got stung on my eyelid, in my jugular and my scalp before I finally got the veil off.   
I also discovered something else that day, I’m allergic to bee venom – not in a super serious way but enough for me to have to find a full time keeper for my bees  and no it wasn’t the ‘teacher’  - I wouldn’t have had him back for all the Manuka honey in the world!  However I did find out why my bees swarmed and here’s a top tip for all budding bee keepers.  Wash your bee suit after every hive inspection, because they can smell the venom from the previous times and it excites them.  It turned out, my so called teacher, had never washed his suit, so my bees were incited to riot because of the residual bee venom from his bees. NICE!
There you have it… Bella’s Bee Keeping Nightmare – Ah well, I’ll stick to the writing, it’s probably safer! LOL
Many thanks for having me on your fabulous blog Amber!
Bella XOX


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