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Time for another installment of the Indie Writers Monthly blogtacular blog tour! For those of you who missed Day One, this tour is to tell you all the reasons you should be reading Indie Writers Monthly magazine and blog.  Or, to put it in a more bold-faced, underline-y, hyperbolic way:


The first day of the tour, remember, was on Sizzling Hot YA Books, and featured this reason:

1.  Reading Indie Writers Monthly will help you become a time-traveler.

And you can click here to go read that one, but first, read reason #1:

2. Reading Indie Writers Monthly Will Give You Superpowers.

Let's say you want to get superpowers but you do not have any radioactive animals or mysterious lightning bolts striking your chemistry sets or are not from Krypton.  What are you going to do?

"Of all things... I had to be bitten by a radioactive STATUE."

Here's what you're going to do:  You're going to meet Pat "PT" "Grumpy Bulldog" "How Many Nicknames Can One Guy Have" Dilloway.

PT is one of the IWM gang of five, and among his many, manyMANY accomplishments are a couple of series of superhero books. PT is the author of The Scarlet Knight series, featuring a superhero who uses a magical armor and sword combo and is helped by a ghost, and he's also completed The Girl Power Series (featuring superheroes whose gender has been swapped), along with a collection of supporting novels for both series.

OK, fine, I hear you out there saying "Well, that's all well and good for someone who wants superpowers but for crying out loud, I've got kids and the laundry is piling up and now you want me to go out and fight giant robots in Metropolis and all I really want to do is improve at writing and selling books."

"Fighting Giant Electric Pterodactyles MY BUTT. Get home NOW."

First of all, I'm not saying you have to fight the robots, but what are you going to do, let them destroy the city?

Second of all, if you just want to be a writer instead of part of the Universe Corps of Superheroes, okay, I get it.  Being able to shoot laser beams from your fingertips isn't for everyone.  (I go through a lot of keyboards on my laptop.)  

What PT also brings to the table is a great deal of experience at writing and publishing.  He has written, by my informal count, about 50 -- yes, FIFTY -- books, in a variety of genres: literary fiction, romance, YA, sci-fi, and more, and he's tried out about every site you can use to sell books.  He's had his books published by traditional companies, written flash fiction anthologies, and indie publishes his books. 

And he shares those tips with you, as well as an encyclopedic knowledge of books, movies, comics, and more, on the Indie Writers Monthly blog and in our magazine.  In the past month, PT has posted articles on how he created his signature character, the Scarlet Knight, the fight between Amazon and Hachette,  and how to avoid being a 'chucker.'  

What's a "chucker?" Well, you'll just have to click that link and see, won't you?

Now, if you'll excuse me, I believe the Briane signal is lighting up the sky.  *dons mask, fluffs out cape* "TO THE BRI-COPTER!"

Briane Pagel: the man who successfully lobbied
to have the Justice League include
"eating lots of pizza" as a superpower.

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