~Blog Tour~ The Legend of the Archangel Series by LL Hunter

Book 1: The Chronicles of Fire and Ice


Archangels are extinct and the world is inhabited by a half-human/half-angel race called Nephilim. But one Archangel remains – a child born of fire known as The Legend. 21-year-old Nephilim Scarlett Porter is starting her Angel training at the infamous Blackbell Academy, so she doesn’t have time to worry about dreams of mysterious dark angels. The last thing she expected was her dream angel to be Dyston Blackbell, or that finding her was part of his mission – one Dyston is prepared to fail to keep Scarlett safe. Danger is closer to Dyston and Scarlett than they realize. War is brewing, led by The Lucifites, and they need The Legend to carry out their plans. With the help of their friends, the two must find the Lucifites’s leader, and stop his plans for destruction. But will Dyston and Scarlett’s love survive? How far will Scarlett go to save those she loves most?

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“Whoa. Easy there, you should watch where you’re going.”
“Sorry, sir.” And then she realised it was him, the blue-eyed stranger.
“Please, call me Lakyn. Sir makes me feel so old,” he chuckled.
“Sorry, Professor Lakyn.”
“That’s what my other students call me, but please, I’d prefer it if you call me Lakyn, Scarlett.” He grinned, and it made Scarlett feel uneasy. Was he hitting on her?
“But I’m a student, Professor Lakyn. Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to be late for lunch, someone just struck the gong.”
Three strikes of the gong meant punishments were going to be handed out. At Blackbell, one of the most important rules was never to be late.

“I would hate for you to be punished. I’ll see you in the dining room.” He patted her on the back and retreated up the stairs she had just come down. He seemed different in person than he appeared on TV, but still had the same cocky, over- confident attitude. This was Scarlett’s second run-in with Lakyn Blackbell in one day, and she didn’t want there to be a third. He made her feel uneasy, and she was unsure why.

Book 2: The Chronicles of Blood and Stone


The story continues with book two of The Legend of the Archangel.
After the death of Kat, Jacob flees and goes off on his own.
But when he discovers that her soul is missing and being held captive by the Lucifites, he sets off on a mission to get it back.
Blackmail leads to revenge and revenge leads to blood.
Will he fulfill his task or will the bloodshed reveal a new side of Jacob?
On the way, he uncovers a secret plot, one that leaves the Nephilim race in danger of being wiped out. Will Jacob and his friends be able to stop the rebellion before it happens?

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Jacob pressed his lips to Kat’s cool forehead.
“Look after her while I’m gone,” he told the young Michaelite nun who had taken over the shift of guarding Kat’s body. He thought she looked to be about eighteen.
“I will, sir. Don’t you worry, she’s in good hands,” she said.
“You really don’t have to call me sir. I told you before to call me Jacob,” he said, hoping he didn’t sound as impatient as he felt.
“Sorry s…” she began, but corrected herself when he shot her a quick look, “Jacob.” He had the feeling that she was forever apologising for nothing.
“Call me if anything happens, okay? Anything at all.” He turned to exit the crypt.
“Okay, I will. And Jacob?”
“She’ll be fine. Good luck.”
“Thanks. Oh, I didn’t catch your name before.”
“It’s Cecilia,” she told him with a sweet smile. It was a shame, he thought, that she had dedicated her life to the Michaelites. She would have had a line of guys around the block waiting for her. Then Jacob paused.
“No. That was Kat’s middle name. Is Kat’s middle name…”
Cecilia gave him a small smile. “Then I will take extra special care of her.”
“Thank you, Cecilia.” And he smiled at her once more before unfurling his snowy wings and lifting himself into the dusk sky.

Book 3: The Chronicles of Silver and Gold


Waking up on her twenty- second birthday alone wasn’t something Scarlett had in mind. Neither had she planned Dyston’s departure from her life so soon.
When she receives a mysterious note from him telling her to track down Rachael, little did she know the journey it would lead her on.
Dyston’s note told her to let Rachael help her reveal things she didn’t know about her origins, but what she sees on her journey through time could change everything, including her fate.
In the thrilling third book of the Legend of the Archangel series, Scarlett learns that knowledge is power, especially when it comes to changing the fate of the world.

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“Well, well, if it isn’t my favourite fiery vixen. Back for another round?” Lakyn sat alone on the dais, behind a desk typing away on his laptop. No one else was around. Scarlett swallowed and approached the dais.
“Bite me.”
His smirk widened. “Not so innocent now, are we?”
“I am not as vulnerable as you might think.”
“I hate to break it to you, princess, but aren’t you all alone in a big room, with little ol’ me?”
Scarlett would not let him get the better of her. She decided to change the subject.
“I am not here to see you. I’m actually here to see Rachael.”
She had done it, touched his kryptonite. He froze, took off his black-framed reading glasses (she secretly wished Dyston wore glasses) and placed them on top of his closed laptop. Then he turned his icy blues on her.

L.L. Hunter is the author of over 20 published works, including The Legend of the Archangel Series and The Garden of Eden. She has studied everything from veterinary nursing, forensic science, and dramatic arts, but has always known her true calling was to be an author. 

She has been writing since her teens - everything from fan fiction, to song lyrics, to plays and musicals. When not working on her next paranormal romance, she can be found at home in Australia, reading somewhere comfortable with one or both of her “fur babies.” Follow her on Facebook, Twitter @llhunterbooks, and her blog - http://llhunter.blogspot.com.au.

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