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Title:  Wind River Refuge
Author:  J. M. Anton
Published:  December 31st, 2013
Genre:   Historical Romance, Mystery, Thriller
Content Warning:  Mild sexual content, violence
Recommended Age:  18+

Awards: Wind River Refuge won the Romance Category in the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Synopsis:  Jax runs for her life and is apprehended by the police. She’s sentenced to a juvenile detention facility, at the tender age of twelve. Lockup becomes an unexpected sanctuary for the traumatized child. It affords a safe harbor from her abuser, but she’s plagued by nightmares well into adulthood. Fate and her Grandmother step in to successfully reduce her sentence, and she’s paroled into a distant cousin’s custody, and relocated to a cattle ranch in Wyoming. The young parolee finds the transition difficult at first. She spends the next nine years learning the ropes, making friends, and a couple of powerful enemies.
She’s been on her own since the age of ten and has of necessity become a fighter, but her aggressive in your face attitude hides a fragile, mistrustful soul. She’s unnerved when instead of her longtime friend, a dark imposing stranger shows up at the Denver airport to fly her home.
Sparks begin to fly when Garrett picks up his friend’s daughter. She’s not what he expected, and he has difficulty reconciling his mixed feelings about the exasperating woman. Jax drives him to distraction, like a chameleon she constantly changes right before his eyes.
Will the resulting fire when they stop fighting their mutual attraction be too hot for the unlikely pair to handle? Will their turbulent romance be able to withstand the attempts on her life?

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She scanned the immediate area again. “Well, there isn’t anyone around here that even resembles a McBride.” Dexter, and the rest of the male clan she was acquainted with, all had auburn or darker brown hair with a red cast. “What does he look like?”

“He’s very tall.”

“Come on Maggie, a little help here? You know that half the world looks tall to me.” Her disgusted observation brought a chuckle from the other end of the line.

“Oh… say, six foot four, broad shoulders, black hair and beard. Probably wearing jeans and a Stetson.” Jax was busy scanning the crowd while she listened to Maggie’s description of her assigned pilot.

“Wait a minute.” Phone receiver placed safely on the counter, she cautiously made her way around a column near the baggage claim carousel. All of the McBride men were big, but this one was even larger than the rest! She prayed, “Please, let him be someone else.” She sucked oxygen into her lungs, like a swimmer preparing for a deep dive, let it out slowly and skirted around the far side of the large column near where he stood. Jax mastered her trepidation and approached slowly, once she finished assessing the, dark, stranger from a safe distance. It was a supreme effort to sound calm and confident. “McBride?”

He looked down at her from his towering height. “You Jax?”

All she could manage was to nod her head. He was easily a foot taller than her, and had to weigh twice as much. She quickly executed a sharp one-eighty and fought the urge to run back to the phone. Her mouth suddenly felt dry and gritty! The usually simple reflex of breathing became a struggle. God! He was intimidating. At least Dexter was a known quantity, and his six foot two athletic frame didn’t bother her anymore. Fingers trembling, she fumbled with the receiver on the counter. Jax informed Maggie she’d found Garrett. Of course, Maggie wanted to speak with him. She turned around with the intention to call him over to the phone, and nearly jumped out of her skin. He stood right behind her, and she ran smack into his large muscular form.


“Nice language,” he told her with obvious disapproval.

“You scared the hell out of me! I didn’t realize you were there.” He looked at her as if she were simple minded. Jax shoved the phone at him, and then all but ran to claim her luggage.

 photo J.-M.-Anton.jpgAuthor Anton is busy at work on the third and fourth books of the “Troubles in Love-Land Series. Look for “Firestorms of the Heart.” To be released the first quarter of 2016. “A Second Chance” will be released in the second quarter of 2016.

Don’t overlook J. M. Anton’s adult novel “Wind River Refuge. This Mystery/Thriller with a paranormal twist and an unusual love story won the 2015 “Indie Next Generation Book Award” for the Romance Category.

Keep your eyes on your favorite E-book outlet for “Cassandra: Night Shades,” due October of 2015. Paperback release target is January 31, 2016.
Ms. Anton authors an award winning children’s book series as Jackie Anton. Her inspiration, for these Backyard Horse Tales are the equines who share the small farm where she and her husband of forty-four-years reside.

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