~Release Day Blitz~ Chance of a Lifetime by Christa Lynn

Chance of a Lifetime Ebook-2

Christa Lynn
Chance of a Lifetime


After finding her husband in bed with another woman, Brooke Whitman decides to forgo the crying and depression and heads south to find herself.

What she didn’t expect to find was Chance Evans.

As Brooke tries to get her life in order, this sexy and dangerous younger man steps in and makes life harder for her, or does he make it easier?

Chance Evans is a bounty hunter working for the U.S. Coast Guard and is a take no prisoners kind of man. When Brooke appears in his hometown, lost and confused, he takes her under his wing.
But danger lies off the coast of Destin, Florida and both Brooke and Chance are pulled out to sea. Things aren’t always as they seem and Brooke quickly learns that lesson.

Will Brooke survive the turmoil and go back to Michigan? Or will she take the Chance of a Lifetime?

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I reach up to take his slick, hard cock in my hands, but he shakes his head. “No, I’ve been wanting to sink deep inside you since I met you.” He says as he moves over me, then pressing his cock to my opening, slowly pushing inside me. He seats himself deep inside and leans over me. “Feeling you cum on my tongue was amazing. Now let me feel you cum around my cock.” He pulls back, only to press in harder than before. I feel his girth stretching me, filling me like I’ve never been filled before. His mouth is at my ear, his hot breath scorching my skin. “Have you been waiting for me to fill you like this? To feel my hard cock in your pussy?” He growls against my ear as his thrusting continues.

His words send chills down my spine and I look up into his blazing eyes. He braces himself on one hand while the other cups my cheek, his lips crashing down onto mine, taking what he wants, what he needs. His tongue sweeps through my mouth as if he’s searching for something, and when I swallow his sighs, I believe he has found it. His body relaxes and I meet him stroke for stroke, my hips pushing back against him as if I can’t get him deep enough inside me. I flex my muscles around his cock, squeezing. “That’s it baby, squeeze me.” He slows the pace and looks at me. “I’m going to cum too fast if I don’t slow down, and I need to feel you cum around me first,” he says as he reaches between our adjoined bodies and presses his thumb against my clit. “You like that baby?” He grunts as his cock continues to punish my throbbing pussy.

“Yes,” is all I can utter.

“Talk to me baby, tell me what you need. Do you need to cum?”

“Yes, please, make me cum,” I squeak out between heavy breaths.

“Your wish is my command,” he responds as he pinches and rolls my clit between his fingers, sending my hips up against his hand. He lifts my leg over his shoulder and strokes deeper inside me, the pleasure almost unbearable. My body rolls over that ledge once more, his name falling from my lips as he stills against me, spilling inside me before he collapses on my chest, panting.

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I am married and have a teenage son. I live in the Atlanta, GA area and I enjoy reading and writing when I'm not at my full time job.