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Title:   Fertility Pirates
Series:  The Abraham Project, Book 1
Author:  Lynn Donovan
Published:  December 4th, 2015
Publisher:   Third Rise Publication
Genre:  Speculative Fiction

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Six hundred lightyears away, a dying civilization cries out in desperation. On Earth, a small band of faithful missionaries commit to bring reproductive technologies and the Christian gospel. The Abraham Project includes scientists, medical personnel, humanitarians, and philanthropist Austin Abraham.

But, piracy taints the mission and the self-sacrificing soldiers of God are trapped—until one is smuggled back to Earth.

Kita and Molly, daughters of Pastor Levi Jacobsen, react to the commission with polar responses—one goes, one stays. When Kita mysteriously returns sterile and claiming things that are impossible, Molly goes undercover. Can she disguise her lack of faith well enough to fake a missionary spirit or will she blow her cover?

Dr. Deuce Abraham, Kita’s doctor after her return, is the last person Molly trusts. How can she possibly, he’s Austin Abraham’s son? Worst yet, he has joined the next pilgrimage. The very one she is on as a covert operative. He has legitimate reasons for going, but how can she believe anything he says? Should she rely on her tried and true gut instincts, or her stupid “gift of discernment”?

With no back up, one inside mole, and a mysterious contact, can she end this cradle of deception? Or will she lose everything, including her own fertility?


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Lynn Donovan spends her days chasing after her muses, trying to get them to settle down long enough to write down their words and actions. The results have produced short stories published in anthologies, full-length novels and one novella.
Lynn enjoys reading and writing Christian fiction, paranormal, and speculative fiction. But you never know what her muses will come up with for a story, so you could see a novel under any given genre. All that can be said is keep your eyes open, cause these muses are not sitting still for long! Oops, there they go again…

Molly jumped when the heavy metal doors broke open. A man in a white lab coat stepped through. What hair he had on his head was mottled grey and white. He scanned the waiting area, touched his comm link, and zeroed in on Molly.
Molly swallowed and watched the man approach her. She was frozen in place.
“Ms. Jacobsen?” he asked unnecessarily.
“Yes.” She squeezed the word out of her restricting throat. Suddenly, tears stung her eyes. Fear, relief, anxiety—all three fought for their place in her conscious mind.
“Can we sit?” The man gently guided her elbow.
Molly nodded. Not so gracefully, she collapsed in the chair. Her nerves were shot and her legs had held her as long as they could.
“Ms. Jacobsen, your sister has suffered a…cognitive cessation.”
Molly tilted her head as her right eyebrow shot up. “A what?”
“Well, we’re not sure, yet. We don’t know exactly what has happened. Your sister arrived here in hibernation. When we reversed the state, she…” he looked down as if he were searching for something on the floor, “…became hysterical.”
“Hysterical?” Molly struggled to understand. Was he being cryptic on purpose?
“Yes, we had to sedate her. She’s conscious, but heavily sedated. I—I wanted you to know before we transfer her to a healing facility.”
“A healing facility!” Molly repeated, dumbfounded. She sent out a quick twin-scan. Nothing.
“Yes,” the healer’s attention suddenly focused on Molly’s face, “Are-are you all right, Ms. Jacobsen?”
“Um, yes, I—it’s just that, she’s my twin. But I can’t feel her.” Molly tried. Could he possibly understand?
“Ah, yes, well she’s heavily sedated, as I said. We hope to learn more when we get her to the healing facility.”
“Will you be attending her healing?”
“Yes. Forgive me, I’m Dr. Polaris.” He bowed his head slightly. The ancient ritual of shaking hands had long since been discouraged. It had simply gone out of style. It still felt awkward to Molly not to shake a person’s hand. Her grandmother was a stickler for manners. Dogmatically, she had taken this ritual to her grave.
“Dr. Polaris? Well—thank you, Doctor,” she stammered.
“There—there’s one other thing.” The doctor ran his hand through his hair on the back of his head like he was trying to rub something that was irritating his scalp.
Molly stared at him until he looked back into her eyes.
“She—your sister has attached herself to—I don’t know how to explain this.”
“Just say it, Doctor,” Molly snarled.
“Well,” he continued to run his hand through his grey hair, “she clings…to a doll.”

“A doll, Ms. Jacobsen. She clings to a doll. She insists it’s her child.”

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