The Watcher Chronicles by SJ Weat

We are absolutely delighted to announce that S.J. West has brand new covers for her thrilling NA Fantasy series, The Watcher Chronicles!

A Disclaimer from the Author: 
It is not necessary to have read The Watchers Trilogy to read The Watcher Chronicles. But if you are interested in reading The Watchers Trilogy, I would recommend you not read this new series until you have finished Forgiven. What happens at the end of the trilogy is explained fairly early in Broken and I would hate for the ending of Forgiven to be ruined for you. 

Follow the story of Jess and Mason, as they assist in the Watcher Agency’s quest to fulfill their role as humanity’s protectors in a saga that questions what lengths you can go to before you become the evil you fight against, and what it takes to find and hold on to real love.  This series is intended for a mature audience, 17 and older.  You can begin reading absolutely #FREE on Kindle Unlimited, where all S.J. West’s books are available!

About the Book:
At the tender age of seven, Jess Riley’s parents were ripped out of her life by the Tear, a ripple of white light in the sky which randomly transports people from Earth to alternate realities and distant planets once a year. On the night the Tear first appeared, the Watchers, a mysterious group of men possessing supernatural powers, made their presence known to the leaders of the world, earning their complete trust to deal with the turmoil the Tear caused. 

Now twenty-two years old, Jess is an agent working for the Watcher Agency searching for a way to bring her parents back home. When the leader of the Watchers, Mason Collier, recruits her to join his team, Jess quickly discovers she is meant to play a major role in sealing the Tear forever. Mason and Jess instantly find themselves drawn to one another but they both resist their mutual attraction for different reasons. Broken by past events in their lives, they each struggle to overcome their fears and find the strength to take a chance on one another. 

About the Book:
In the second book of The Watcher Chronicles series, Jess finally learns where her father has been since the Tear first opened. While Mason tries to keep his distance from her, Jess continues to search for the other vessels with Chandler by her side. 


About the Book:
Jess and Mason begin their search for Faison and find themselves in a world where everything is turned upside down. Jess’ relationship with Lucifer takes a turn she didn’t expect which prompts God to give her a mission she’s not sure she’ll survive.

About the Book:
In the finale of The Watcher Chronicles, Jess finally learns what Lucifer’s plans are for the world. The vessels discover what their destinies are and Jess must face the most difficult decision of her life.

Once upon a time, a little girl was born on a cold winter morning in the heart of Seoul, Korea. She was brought to America by her parents and raised in the Deep South where the words ma'am and y'all became an integrated part of her lexicon. She wrote her first novel at the age of eight and continued writing on and off during her teenage years. In college she studied biology and chemistry and finally combined the two by earning a master's degree in biochemistry. After that she moved to Yankee land where she lived for four years working in a laboratory at Cornell University. Homesickness and snow aversion forced her back South where she lives in the land which spawned Elvis Presley, Oprah Winfrey, John Grisham and B.B. King. After finding her Prince Charming, she gave birth to a wondrous gift named Caylin and they all lived happily ever after.
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