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Title:  Sweet Spot: Simple. Fun. Photography.
Author:   Heather Hart
Published:  February 12th, 2016
Genre:  Non Fiction Photography

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 It’s time to let go of the camera guilt. It’s time to figure out what those buttons mean! It’s time to figure out which lens to use! It’s time to find some smiles and enjoy this life! Sweet Spot releases you from the unnecessary guilt of not knowing what to do with that wonderful dSLR camera you have. Welcome to a world where photography equals fun! We’ll go over camera basics, from lenses to f/stops, simplifying often overwhelming settings and equipment. You’ll have real life examples detailing lenses and camera settings and why they were chosen. You’ll find special tips for shooting as well as a Frequently Asked Questions section. This quick read will help anyone jump into the world of photography!


I’m in a minimalist phase. Piles of Stuff drives me batty. I purge shelves, closets and playrooms like nobody’s business. It’s less to keep track of and my soul feels lighter. My things don’t own me. I exhale: Master of My Domain. Now, lest you think this means I permit only two black t-shirts and a pair of Nike shoes, minimalism does not mean “No Fun Allowed.” I am firmly Pro-Fun. I have the shoe collection to prove it. It’s not a large collection, but I adore it. Each pair serves a purpose and does it with style. If you look in my closet, you’ll see ballet flats, wedge booties, running shoes and pair of peep-toe heels to die for (thank you Michael Kors). They each own a place in my heart. (I realize men may not be able to relate to this paragraph, but stay with me.)
My photography follows suit. I adore my camera. I have a handful of favorite lenses. Anything that sits unused, collecting dust, gets purged. Off to Craigslist or what have you. I’m not against trying new things, I’m against hanging onto things that don’t work for me. Things that don’t work and add Clutter. Clutter brings a dump truck of Confusion. It backs that truck right up to your doorstep and unloads. So, we are not inviting Clutter or Confusion to the party. They do not get the evite. We are partying without them. They can go find new friends. We are over it.

        This book focuses on candid photographs of people, with less stress and more fun. This is our Sweet Spot. Not too hot, not too cold, juuuuust right. I’ll sort through the basics of photography to give you an understanding of how things work. And then I’ll review settings so you can go test the waters and not feel overwhelmed. We want simple. We want fun. We might want some strappy sandals.

 photo Heather-Hart.jpgHeather Hart, loves good food, great stories and fancy cameras. She gets paid to write about things and photograph people. She is addicted to her library card and beautiful sunsets. She lives in Chicago with her family and dreams of warm weather.

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