~Review Blitz~ Four Star Review: Bad Boy Billionaire's by Erin Trejo

Title: Bad Boy Billionaire’s
Author: Erin Trejo
Genre: Romance
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Xavier, Darren and Cameron Rossi all live different lives despite their riches.
Xavier is swept up in the wild life. He parties hard and doesn't care who he hurts until he meets the one girl he can't have. His party days left behind, he focuses on getting the girl he's forbidden from. Mia is the one he wants but she has her own affairs to deal with. Can Xavier find a way to have the one thing he shouldn’t?

Darren has a dark past and even darker tastes. His tragic past has pushed him to his breaking point when he meets Jessica. Jess changes his perspective on life. When things spiral out of control for Darren will Jess be able to reel him back in or his he too far gone?

Cameron is the youngest of the brothers. He struggles with his own issues by running away from his problems. When reality forces him to make the toughest decision of his life, he’s forced to remain in one place and face everything that is being thrown at him. Gina is the love of Cameron’s life but being married to an abusive husband puts a damper on their plans. When Cameron forces Gina out of her safety zone will he finally have his happy ending or will it all back fire on him?

The Rossi brother’s handle their money, lives and women differently but at the end of the day they are still The Bad Boy Billionaire’s.


I really wasnt sure what to expect from Erin Trejo as she is a new to me author. I really loved reading Bad Boy Billionaire's, I think my favorite character would have to be Xavier. Yes, I know he's like the biggest douche known to man but he's fucking HOT! I loved the mystery with the families. Cameron and Darren where hot too, but not as much as Xavier. He knew he was hot and he owned it and didnt care what anyone else thought. That was til Mia came along. I really enjoyed reading about the Rossi brothers in this series and cant wait to see what else Erin Trejo has in store for her readers, def going to have to look up her other books. I will warn you, if you dont like an author who drops the f bomb a lot this is not the book for you. 

I am a stay at home mother of 4. My general interests are of course writing and reading. I love to be able to put down all my ideas into a story form for others to enjoy.
I love being able to spend time with my kids and family.
I'm a pretty down to earth person and usually a goof ball.;)

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Fucking Xavier! What the hell is he doing kidnapping us? That’s what this is. It’s fucking kidnapping. I must say that a part of my body that has no fucking control finds this very fucking hot. Holy Hell MIA!
“What the fuck is going on?” I snap at him as he watches me. No one has spoken in hours. I sat against the back door of the van on the other side of Dean the whole ride. I don’t know what the fuck is happening and a part of me might not want to know.
“Answer me!” Screaming, I startle everyone in the van. I don’t care. He has sat there for hours just watching me, not saying a fucking word.
“How much longer Darren?” He calls over his shoulder but again, his eyes stay locked to me.
“Pulling up now.” My heart slams in my chest not knowing what’s going on or going to happen. I feel like I may throw up.
The van comes to a stop and so does my heart. The back doors fly open and I jump out running.
“Fuck me!” I hear Xavier snap before I hear his footsteps behind me. I know I can’t outrun him and I have no fucking clue where I am. I stop dead in my tracks, turning to face him.
He doesn’t see me stop and slams into me, knocking me to the ground. His hard body is on top of me. The feel of his warmth is something I’ve fucking missed so much.
“God damn it Mia. I can’t keep you safe if you keep running!” He growls breathlessly holding my face in his hands. I want so much to kiss those lips; they are so close.
“Safe from what? You fucking kidnapped us! You could have killed us!” The heat of the moment evaporates and the hatred seeps into its place.
“Get off me. You didn’t want me remember.” His lips slowly brush against mine. God why does he make me feel like this?
“I never wanted you hurt Mia. I just need to keep you safe.” His eyes are full of tears on the verge of spilling over. I can see it in him. As much as I want to take it away, he pushed me away from him.
“What are you talking about?” I plead with him but all I can see is the pain behind his eyes. He isn’t telling me something.
His lips crush mine in a frenzy and for a second I let him. I let him taste me as I taste him. His tongue dips into my mouth, caressing mine. The feel sends jolts straight to my pussy. God the way my body betrays me!
A second later we hear booms. Xavier’s eyes widen before he pulls away. I can feel his dick straining against his jeans though.
“What...” His hand slaps over my mouth, stifling me from talking.
“Get up. We need to move.” He whispers softly before pulling me up. Once he stands he reaches behind him, brandishing a hand gun. I try to pull away but his grip tightens.
“Don’t fucking move away from me Mia.” The growl that rips from his throat scares me. I nod in agreeance before he starts moving us.
I don’t know how long we have walked but I’m fucking thirsty and tired. My legs are killing me and my lungs burn.
“Can we stop?” I whine to him. Xavier looks around before grabbing me and lifting me over his shoulder.
“I didn’t mean for you to carry me.” Grumbling slightly, he slaps my ass hard. I squeal a little but he doesn’t stop.
“We’re almost there.” He keeps walking a few more miles until I see lights up ahead.
“Shouldn’t we check on Taylor?” My heart starts to slam again. We just left her there.
“They will meet us there.”  I’d love to know who “they” are but I don’t ask. I don’t think I want to know the answer to any of this.
Xavier sets me on my feet when we are in the yard of a cabin. Glancing around I don’t fucking see anything else out here.
“What is this place?” I follow him up the stairs as he holds the door open for me.
“It was my uncles. It’s safe here.”


Watching Mia walk through the door my heart plummets. Her whole demeanor has changed since 5 months ago. She isn’t my Mia; at least she doesn’t seem to be.
She looks lost and alone, the same fucking way I feel. I follow behind her, just taking her in before she stops.
“Why did you do that back there? The whole kidnapping thing?” Scrubbing my hand across my face I knew that question would come up. I just didn’t want to have to answer it.
“There are a lot of things you don’t know about Mia. I don’t know that it’s my place to tell you.” At that she spins around to face me. Anger and rage boil inside of her; I can see it in those beautiful eyes.
“You could have killed me! Taylor! What the fuck does that mean it’s not your place?” Mia shoves me in the chest but I don’t move that pisses her off more.
“I know Mia. I’m so fucking sorry. I never wanted to hurt you.” My voice cracks and Mia notices. She watches me with a confused look on her face. She turns her head slightly as if to try and figure something out in her head before her expression changes.
“You told me Xavier! You told me you didn’t want me.” She yells the first part but the second part is so soft I barely hear it. My heart fucking dies a little more in my chest.
“I know what I said Mia and you have no fucking idea how hard that was for me. I just needed you to be safe. You have no fucking idea how hard it was for me to watch you and see you cry knowing I couldn’t fucking hold you.” Her eyes dart to mine. Fuck! I shouldn’t have told her that.
“You watched me?”  A tear creeps into my eye as I think of the last day I saw her cry.
“You were standing by the tree outside the dorms. You watched around you to make sure no one saw you. I watched you slide to the ground, burying your face in your hands. My heart fucking died watching you. All I wanted was to hold you and tell you everything was going to be ok.” Another tear creeps in before sliding down my face.
Mia doesn’t move at first. Her own tears threatening to consume her.
“Who is after me Xavier?” Her voice is a plea. She needs to know but I don’t want to push her away from me.
“Your father.”
The door flies open and Darren comes in with Dean and Taylor. His guys stay outside which I’m glad for. I don’t need their shit tonight and the way that one touched Mia, I might kill him myself.
“Mia!” Taylor yells and wraps her arms around her. Mia cries into her shirt before Dean moves closer.
“You ok?” Darren puts his hand on my shoulder. Nodding at him, I turn and go outside. I need some fucking space and some air.
Stepping outside, I nod at the guys that wait out here but when my eyes connect with the one I knew man handled on Mia, I fucking lose it.
Diving at him, I swing. Punching him in the face hard, I grip his throat slamming him to the ground.
“You ever fucking touch my girl like that, I will FUCKING kill you!” Screaming in his face, I don’t notice that everyone is now outside crowding around us. I don’t care though. He had better learn that who the hell he was touching is mine. No one touches what’s mine.
I swing punching him again and again. He will know that he doesn’t touch Mia without dealing with me.
“Stop! Xavier!” I hear Mia’s voice but I don’t want to stop. I’m taking out all the fucking frustration and guilt I’ve felt for the last 5 months out on this guy’s face.
Hands yank me back before I turn to see it was Darren.
“Calm the fuck down man. We don’t need this right now.” Darren snaps but my eyes have already tracked over to Mia. She stands there breathing heavily, her eyes full of tears. I can’t look at her.
Turning to walk away again, she yells.
“Don’t you fucking walk away from me!”  What do I do? Do I stop for her? I would do fucking anything for Mia.
Dropping my head, I stop where I am. I don’t want to see the pain and anger in her eyes anymore. All I want is for her to be fucking happy and smiling. Like when I first met her.
Shit has hit home one to many times, Mia is fucking ruined. I never wanted any of this for her.
Mia walks around me and the night is suddenly eerily quiet. I don’t know where everyone else is but Mia stands in front of me as I look at the ground.
“You would risk your own life for me?” The question stings me. She should already know the answer to that. If I was a better man, I would have shown her the answer to that.
Looking up slowly, my eyes find hers.
“Mia, I would give my life a million times for you. Don’t you understand how much I love you?” The words tumble from my lips. Mia’s mouth hangs open as she watches me.
Stepping closer, I reach for her, but before I can touch her, she throws herself into my arms.
Mia wraps her arms around my neck while I pull her into me. I never want her out of my arms again