#Review - Winner Take All by @laurie_devore

Author: Laurie Devore
Pub. Date: January 30, 2018

For Nell Becker, life is a competition she needs to win.
For Jackson Hart, everyone is a pawn in his own game.
They both have everything to lose.

Nell wants to succeed at everything—school, sports, life. And victory is sweeter when it means beating Jackson Hart, the rich, privileged, undisputed king of Cedar Woods Prep Academy. Yet no matter how hard she tries, Jackson is somehow one step ahead. They’re a match made in hell, but opposites do attract.

Drawn to each other by their rivalry, Nell and Jackson fall into a whirlwind romance that consumes everything in their lives. But when a devastating secret exposes their relationship as just another game, how far will Nell go to win?

Visceral and whip-smart, Laurie Devore’s Winner Take All paints an unflinching portrait of obsessive love, toxic competition, and the drive for perfection.

I dont even know where to start with this book but wow it was pretty freakin epic! I love Young Adult Romance, I feel like theyre my true love of reading. Winner Take All kind of brings you back to that high school feeling, especially with the populars, the jocks and the not so populars. I loved the characters especially Jackson Hart, he came off as a jerk at first but we really started to see who he was. Nine I loved in the beginning but towards the end, I wanted to smack her upside the head LOL I did however love their competitive spirit with one another. I loved the thrill it gave when they wanted to beat out the other person except when it got out of hand. I think Laurie Devore also touch on a lot of subject that teens face today in the real world and us as parents completely forgot about because we are so busy with our lives. I really enjoyed Winner Take All, once I started, there was no putting it down, Laurie Davore really out did herself and I cant wait to read more. I really hope she decides to write more of these characters, I feel like there is more stories and Id love to read them. 

Laurie Devore was born and raised in small town South Carolina and graduated from Clemson University. She now lives and works in Chicago, where she misses the charms and contradictions of the south every day. In her spare time, she reluctantly runs marathons, watches too much TV,  and works a “y’all” into every conversation. How to Break a Boy is her first novel.

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