#BlogTour - Ashes of Paradise by @TeamRoeseler

Title: Ashes of Paradise
Author: Valerie Roeseler
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Eden Elements Publishing
Publication Date: July 6th, 2018
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For Anora’s sixteenth birthday, an unexpected gift comes into her possession. A delicate book whose gilded edges hold the secrets of the past from Enochian history that have shaped her world. Through its pages, Anora discovers why the Griffins fell from Paradise, when relationships between angelic ranks became acceptable, where Guides come into being, and how those expected to be infallible are not without weakness. She uncovers a sinister past that molded a Dark essence, a mistake that was destiny in the making, an angel’s rebellion that greatly cost a family, and the beginnings of an epic love that conquered all odds.

*Stories Include:

Fall of the Griffins – Theodora, Cassius, and Beckett’s Story

Embodiment of Love and War – Evelyn and Camael’s Story

Vindication of Mercy – Alice and Eric’s Story

Rapture of Death – Azrael and Lilith’s Story

Shadow of Enigma – Cora’s Story

Force of Resistance – Becky’s Story

Maverick of Mayhem – Jack’s Story

Sacrifice of Love – Ivy and Gideon’s Story

Valerie Roeseler is a bestselling author, devoted mother, and workaholic with the determination of a queen bee. She began writing as a child, creating fantastical stories with villainous animals on her toy typewriter. In her teenage years, her writing became a poetic secret before she wrote music, transforming them into lyrics. Valerie’s early inspirations came from her obsession with mythology and British literature. Her debut novel, Midnight Divine, is the first in The Helio Trilogy. She is a native Texan and an enthusiast of art, music, adrenaline, coffee, wine, and hair dye. When left to her own devices, she tends to forget that sleep is a necessity.

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Midnight Divine: https://amzn.to/2H1EdpU
Gilded Inferno: https://amzn.to/2JOJLBV
Vermilion Horizon: https://amzn.to/2IXKMX9
Ashes of Paradise: https://amzn.to/2H3mr1J


Hearing my father’s harsh words to Mother root me to the ground outside, “Anastasia, we cannot be expected to ignore this any longer. The Griffins deserve better. Our children deserve better.”
She raises her voice to him, “What do you have me do, Garvan? If the Cherubs disagree with us, that is as far as it will go. If we bring it to the Originals, we could be punished! They will cast us to Sheol as they did the Morning Star for his disagreement with the Hierarchy! Is that what you want for our children? Do you want them cast out of Paradise?”
He counters, “I want them to have a chance!” He deflates, “We can only keep our heads down for so long. Do you not see the effect it has on our children?”
“They are my children. Of course, I see it. Beckett hides his feelings well, but I know where he goes. Paradise is not big enough for his adventurous nature. He and Cassius will never know the joys of binding with someone who can provide them with a family. Theodora has it the worst of them. There is so much expected of her.”
Father interrupts, “More the reason we need to make the first move towards change.”
“Why us?”
“If not us, Anastasia, then who?”
“How do you expect to sway them?”
There is a long pause as my father’s chair in the sitting area creaks with his weight. His tone is gentle as he continues, “If we had a stone from Exillis, they would listen.”
Mother and I gasp in unison. She whispers, “You cannot mean to betray your daughter and The Creator’s wishes. You know Theodora is one of the sentries for Exillis. If a stone goes missing on her watch, she will be punished.”
“It would not be on her watch,” he assures.
“The Creator will know.”
My father stands from his seat, “Then, The Creator shall know, but will you stand by me in this fight? For our children? For our kind?”
Her voice is choked with tears of sadness, “You know I will.”
“So, be it.” He marches through our home and bursts out of the doorway.
I flatten myself against the mortar of our home, hoping I am not seen. I watch my father’s broad form walk with purpose down the road of golden glass. His blue sash billows behind him. He has never openly shown his affection towards us. He has always been quiet, reserved, yet harsh when needed. This side of my father is unnerving. It scares me.
The eight stones of Exillis are mighty with power. They have the ability to manifest thought. When the crown, Exillis, belonged to Lucifer, he was able to form his alliance of angels against The Creator. When Lucifer fell from Paradise, a stone was lost from Exillis. It fell to Earth and split into two pieces, five hundred miles apart. Both pieces were discovered by man and forged into Divine relics. The first relic is the chalice. The second relic is a tablet with the secrets of ancient substances and transmutations. Both have been known by man to bring what the heart desires to reality.
Suddenly, I see the possibilities of what a single stone of Exillis can achieve. I want to help my father create equality for our kind. A plan begins to form in my mind. It would be simple. If my father needs a stone of Exillis to ensure our equality, I will get it for him.