#BookTour & #Giveaway - The Burgeoning Heart of Bambi Bazooms by @TravellinMatt77

Burgeoning Heart of Bambi Bazooms
Matthew Wade


her fiftieth birthday, Cartoon striptease artist Bambi Bazooms
decides to shake off her midlife funk and see what life has to offer
outside of her pleasant but quaint neighborhood of McCayville (in
Chicago, Illinois). On the first Human Night of August 1993, she
meets a handsome options trader named Steve Warner (no relation), and
is immediately enamored. What follows is a whirlwind romance, as well
as an exciting new career as a legal secretary, courtesy of Steve’s
friend Reggie Morton. However, as she further entangles herself in
human affairs, will she alienate herself from her sister, Fanny
Firecracker, her friend Cinnamon Bunns, and the rest of her Cartoon
family? Start reading to find out! (To make matters even worse,
humans and Cartoons mutually distrust each other, all because of a
violent incident that happened many decades ago.)

since I can remember, I've loved reading. I participated in advanced
reading groups as a child, and often read above my grade level. As a
pre-teen, I gravitated toward science fiction and fantasy, and never
looked back. My love of the fantastical inspired me to write my own
short stories, which were often simple and crude (in terms of
quality, not subject matter, though sometimes that, too). I didn't
have too many friends when I was younger, so books kept me company.
However, my teachers always praised and encouraged my writing, and I
was happy they did.

I've found some friends who share my love of reading (and often the
same genres and titles). I've also taken my writing much more
seriously, In addition to my novels, I've enjoyed writing movie
reviews for a Facebook group called Adventures in Videoland, as well
as book reviews here on Goodreads. When I'm not reading, writing or
watching movies, I enjoy attending Purdue sporting events, going to
local cultural and food festivals, and visiting friends and family
around the country. I hope that I can one day count some of you among
my friends, and hope you enjoy reading my books!

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