#NewRelease - JAX by @mljquigg

Title: JAX
Author: MLJ Quigg
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date: September 2nd, 2020
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

Rock royalty.

That’s what people call me.
But all it took was a single phone call to bring me to my knees.

Five years later, my life has changed irrevocably forever.
Though someone lurks in the shadows threatening to tear all that I love apart.
An obsession of the worst kind.

Can I keep the woman I love safe?
Or will everything burn to ash…

Australian author MLJ Quigg – lives in NSW, Australia, with her husband, three adult children, and six cats—yes, you heard that right, six.

Growing up in a huge family of eight kids was always noisy and didn’t give her enough alone time to unwind.

Books have always given her an outlet from the craziness that is her life. Nothing is better than curling up with a good story to take her mind off her surroundings.

As a new author, she hopes you enjoy her stories and helps you get out of your world and into hers for a few hours.

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Amy clears her throat to stop us from talking.
As soon as she has our attention, she takes in a deep breath and starts talking, “Guys, there’s no easy way to say this, so I am just going to say it straight out… I’m dropping one of my jobs. Being the publicist and the stylist is taking too much out of me. I need help. With me being on crutches, I can’t stand for long periods of time, so I have hired someone to take over the stylist position. I’ve been in contact with Layla, and she’s helped me pick the perfect person. I know you’re going to love who we have chosen.”
I can understand Amy’s reasoning, she’s having a hard time lately with her broken leg, and she hasn’t looked well for a couple of weeks now—she’s been pale and slow. I know it must be hard on her to do two jobs, especially when she’s incapacitated. I mean, she can easily do the publicist job off her feet because all she has to do is post statuses on the different social media platforms and tell the fans what’s going on.
Well, perhaps, she does a bit more than that, but it’s not something she has to do where she will need to stand for long periods. I know as our stylist, she will need to stand, and I am more than happy she took the initiative in getting a replacement, but I just wish she’d asked us first. We would have liked to be involved in the hiring. It’s for us, after all.
“What the fuck, Ames. Don’t you think you should have run it past us first before hiring someone?” Andrew practically yells at her.
Grey straightens his shoulders and steps over to Amy. She puts her hand on his arm to placate him, and he physically relaxes under her hold.
“Sorry, Ames, that was uncalled for. I just wished you’d spoken to us before you hired someone.” Andrew sighs. He knows his tone of voice was uncalled for—it’s not what he said but the way he said it.
Even I am shocked by Andrew’s outburst. I have never heard Andrew use that tone of voice toward Amy before. I study Andrew carefully, and he appears worn out. He honestly doesn’t look well.
“I agree with Andrew, though. Why did you hire someone before talking to us? I understand one hundred percent that you need the help, and I’m happy you want to pass that job onto someone else, just not that you never discussed it with any of us.” Cooper shrugs and then asks, “So, when do we get to meet the person you hired?”
“Right now.”
That voice! I only ever hear that voice on the phone, so I spin around on my chair and stand as quickly as I can. The vision of the woman I’ve been obsessing over comes into view from the bedroom behind us. My heart rate triples in my chest, and my stomach churns while my mouth dries up like the Sahara Desert. My palms become clammy and sweat beads on my forehead.
Standing on shaky legs, I must look like a tool gaping at Layla in shock.
I am ecstatic to see her.
I am dumbfounded she’s finally here, in person.
My excitement at seeing her soon wears off, and I run, the happy smile can’t be wiped off my face for all the money in the world. I pick her up and cradle this beautiful woman in my arms, hugging her tightly, holding her to me. She feels so good in my arms like she’s my home, and I can’t be any happier than I am at this moment. Except perhaps, taking her directly to the bedroom because my cock has a mind of its own and has become tight behind the zipper of my jeans.
“It’s so good to see you in person,” I whisper in her ear.
She holds me just as tightly as she whispers back, “Me, too. It’s been a long time coming.”
That it has.
I can’t believe Layla’s here.
In person.
Yeah, I know I’ve said it before, but I am so excited.
Layla’s the other half of my soul.
I know that.
She may not know it yet, but she will. You can mark my words on that. Layla Matthews will be mine.
I draw back and look down to take her in completely.
She’s stunning. Absolutely stunning.
Layla’s wearing a black bodysuit that covers her hourglass figure showcasing her flat stomach, tits, ass, and hips, and they are showing very, very well.
Holy shit! She’s fucking hot.
Layla has her wavy chocolate-brown hair cascades down her back to her waist. She’s even better in person. Let’s face it, I have been cataloging all her features that I’ve already seen on the screen of my phone or laptop. The small button nose, high cheekbones, heart-shaped face, and unique aqua eyes shine with happiness as she takes me in as well. I can see her gaze taking in all of me. A flare of heat comes from her eyes when they sparkle back to mine, then she takes on a shocked appearance. I don’t think she meant for me to see it, but I will take that look anytime she wants to give it to me.
I am tapped on the shoulder and practically pushed out of the way as Cooper grabs Layla by the shoulders and hugs her tightly.