#NewRelease - Beyond the Veil


Title: Beyond the Veil
Genre: speculative fiction anthology
Publisher: Vaughn Publishing LLC
Cover Designer: D. Fischer
Publication Date: October 26th, 2020
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR


A Cold Soul by USA Today bestselling author D. Fischer.


Life and Death kept Cody from passing through heaven's gate. As punishment for the wrong he'd done when he was alive, he must walk the earth until the ends of time as a Reaper.


Circle's End by Daphne Moore.


Once a leader of the resistance, Nicte bartered her own freedom in exchange for her family’s safety. Now, after years of confinement, she’s free…and determined to liberate her people from the Dominion’s reign of blood and terror. However, with no weapon or magic, her only hope is invoking an ancient legend to help her…if he still lives.


Pigwitch Now by Mari LaRoche.


Drackonai – witches and wizards with the blood of dragons in their veins. When Keely Hargest’s family is attacked by a rogue Drackonai, she unexpectedly finds herself trapped in a piglet’s body. Will Keely find a way out of her predicament and stop Ruari Darksinger’s rampage, or will she be stuck as a pig forever?


Undetected by Kerensa Gowan.


When Teernan Orare Kensington, the last Oracle of planet Vergus, is orphaned on Earth, how does she survive the assassins sent to prevent her return?


55:15 by Jibril Stevenson.


An American patrol in Iraq discovers that insurgents aren’t the only danger lurking outside the wire.


Queen of the Underworld by R.A. Winter.


Death walked into a bar and nobody noticed.


Haven by A. Maguire.


Haven. Noun. A place of safety or refuge. So for Reba Meade whose life is filled with monsters and things that go bite in the night, and anything but safe, the house left to her by a relative she’d never met is more than a refuge, it’s a way to reconcile her losses and the past, and to discover where she came from.


Mourning Dove by S. M. Savoy.


From darkness to light, a woman grasps at life.