#NewRelease - Loser by @DesireeLafawn


Title: Loser: An ABCs of Love Novel
Author: Desiree Lafawn
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cover Designer: Indie Sage
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2022
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L is for Loser

I would rather stick a fork in my eye than to attend my niece’s wedding without a date. Don't get me wrong, I love my family. But having to put up with an entire week of pitying glances and questions about when I’m going to “meet a nice man my age,” is a form of cruel and unusual torture I would rather not subject myself to.


Thankfully, I have a great group of guy friends, and each of them owes me a solid one. Like it or not, one of them is going to help me. None want to volunteer, so we’re going to play a game. The loser flies to Ohio with me to pose as my loving boyfriend for all the wedding festivities.


I'm the loser who has to fake having a boyfriend to fool my family. He’s the loser at a simple game of chance. The one thing neither of us are walking away with... is our dignity.

Desiree is a snarky romance author from Northwest Ohio with a completely healthy addiction to anime and snacks. She also writes paranormal romance under the pen name D. Gemini.


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“Well,” CJ stretched his legs out in front of him and raised his arms over his head and rolled his neck from side to side. “What do you think you’re going to do?”


“Exactly what I said I’d do. I’m going to the wedding, and I’m going to be the best fake boyfriend she ever had.”


“Will you have to share a bed?”


“Most likely.”


“Gonna be okay with that?”


“Absolutely.” It would be torture, but I was a man in control of myself.


CJ turned his head, took a pull from his beer, looked me square in the eye and burped.


“What if she farts in her sleep?” I couldn’t help but laugh.


“CJ, everyone farts in their sleep.”


“Jessica doesn’t.” CJ was dead serious. “She goes in the bathroom. Never once in our entire relationship has she ever passed gas in front of me. She said her mom’s been married to her dad for forty years and she’s never done it either.


“That’s fucking weird, CJ.”


CJ burped again and picked at a piece of foam sticking out of the arm of his chair.


“I don’t want to hear that from you.”