#NewRelease - The City Wife by @RMCarpus


Title: The City Wife
Author: R.M. Carpus
Genre: Dystopian, Thriller/Drama
Cover Designer: Robin Johnson of Robin Ludwig Design Inc.
Publication Date: Aug. 2, 2022
Hosted by: Lady Amber’s PR

A displaced mother and daughter embark on a quest for refuge in this absorbing women's sci-fi family saga for fans of slow-burn suspense and page-turning domestic drama.


A crushing betrayal. A transcendent bond. Three thousand miles to the Isle.


My mother loved the city, and it loved her. Until the Turn. Until leaving became our only hope of survival. She’s slipping away more each day. I can feel it. The tide threatens to take me with her, but I’d be lying if I said I’d rather be anywhere else—with Florence is where I belong.


Now uprooted and on the run, we have to choose: surrender to a new beginning and leave our delicate past behind, or salvage the remains and try to find our way back.


Either way, I just want to go home.


But if home really is where the heart is, what happens when you lose heart?


Buy it now! Immerse yourself in Florence and Joanna’s harrowing journey to the Isle.

A former Floridian and Seattleite, R.M. Carpus now writes fantasy and science fiction from Philadelphia, her birthplace and current home base. She is co-founder of Impossible Things Publishing (ITP), a collaborative anthology project, and a student and tutor at Saint Joseph’s University. The aftermath following the tragic loss of her mother led her to return to her Catholic faith, which she today counts as her greatest gift and joy in life, along with her family, friends, and love for storytelling. She speaks a little French, dreams of living in the English countryside, and like most writers, runs on coffee. She's happiest outdoors—especially in the Pacific Northwest—or cuddled up at home with her animals while reading, writing, or watching classic movies.

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