#NewRelease - Urgent by @EmberDante


Title: Urgent: An ABCs of Love Novel
Author: Ember Dante
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Cover Designer: Indie Sage
Publication Date: August 25th, 2022
Hosted by: Lady Amber's PR


Claire Rossi returned to Chicago determined to maintain her independence. Studying in London for two years opened Claire’s eyes to a world outside the sheltered existence she lived under her overprotective father’s control.


Armed with a college degree and a job at a prestigious public relations firm, Claire returned to Chicago ready for a future filled with possibilities. She soon set her sights on the gorgeous and mysterious manager of the hottest nightclub in town.


A man who also happened to work for her father.


Special Agent Matt Cavalli had successfully infiltrated the notorious Rossi crime family. After four years undercover as John Peretti, he was one of the most trusted men in the organization. But he never expected his assignment would include the boss’s daughter.


Bound by his mission, Matt had no choice but to follow orders. Even though he believed Claire was ignorant of her father’s nefarious activities, she was a means to an end, one that would, unfortunately, become collateral damage. She would never be more than a pawn in a dangerous game of chess.


Or so he thought.


When an unexpected enemy emerges, Matt must decide between loyalty and the woman he loves.


**Urgent is a complete stand-alone in the ABCs of Love series where each author delivers a brand-new story for you to rediscover your ABCs.

Ember Dante is an artist and the author of the recent release, Forgiven. She holds a degree in graphic arts and photography, and taught web design at the junior college level for over ten years. She currently lives in East Texas with her husband of twenty-nine years and three feline paperweights. Her sense of sarcasm and Texas-sized imagination were introduced in her debut novel Exposure. When she isn’t busy herding cats, she can be found on the tennis court, engrossed in a good book, or indulging her Netflix addiction.


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John opened his eyes and grabbed my shoulders at the same time. Our gazes locked, and in that moment, I knew we were either about to take a major step forward, or he was going to send me on my way.

I was really, really hoping for the former.

That fear disintegrated when John’s mouth crashed into mine. His aggression surprised me, but I opened for him, letting his tongue in to explore. We exchanged lush licks as our bodies moved in harmony. My arms twisted around his neck. His folded around my waist. Our mouths devoured each other, desperate for connection. Seeking unity.

Damn, the man could kiss.

We broke apart, breathless. Heavy pants filled the air between us.


I rested a finger over his lips. “No one has to know. We’re both consenting adults. We can do whatever we want.”

“You have no idea what I want,” he groaned.

I didn’t believe that at all. If he felt even a fraction of what I did after that kiss, I knew exactly what he wanted. That kiss left me desperate for more, and I was determined to get it. Sooner rather than later if I had my way.