#FiveStarReview- Shattered Wolf by @authorjenlgrey



My fated mate ruined my whole world.


My grandparents and their entire pack are missing.


I’m left with one clue…


A gorgeous, infuriating traitor who just exposed the supernatural world to humans.


There’s only one place I can turn for help.


My silver wolf pack I ran from to escape my pain.


And now, I regret coming back.


Because he’s here.


Killian—the man who revealed our secrets and led to the humans attacking us in the first place.


The one who may be my only chance at finding my family.


Even worse…he’s my fated mate.


Determined to keep my distance, I fight the bond as hard as I do our enemies.


I’ll do anything to rescue those I love…even if it costs my life…or my mate.

This is the first book I have read by Jen L Grey and I absolutely loved it! I loved the action, loved the drama and loved the romance. The characters and world building Jen put behind this series is phenomenal. I really enjoyed reading not only the main characters story but about the side characters who all seem to have their own stories as well. Now I need to go back and start from the beginning and read their stories as well because I just have to know all about the Shadow City World. Jen has a way with words and captures her readers from beginning to end and I can't wait to see what Killian and Jewel have in store for us in the next installment.

USA Today Bestselling Author


Reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies, even as a little girl. When I was a toddler, my parents would read stories to me over and over. I would hear them so often that I had the books memorized and could recite the story word by word.


My favorite genres are fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary romance. So of course that's what I'm inclined to write.


​I have a husband, two young daughters, and a mini Australian Shepherd. I've lived in Tennessee the majority of my life and love the state.


I'm extremely addicted to caffeine and enjoy drinking coffee and lattes.


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