#NewRelease - Radical Rock Stars by @JennaGalicki


The Radical Rock Stars Saga Continues!

This four-book collection of contains books 6-8 and book 0.5 (a full-length prequel) from the Radical Rock Stars series. Release Day Discount - $4.99. Books in this collection include:


The Stage (Book 6)

Even rock stars get star-struck. Meeting heavy metal icon Brandon Bullet is a dream come true for Tommy Blade. When Immortal Angel decides to add Tommy’s rock star idol as a guest singer to their set at the Get Rocked Festival, sparks fly and egos collide. Epilogue by Brandon Bullet of Bulletproof.


The Roadie (Book 7)

This isn’t an angsty, tear-your-heart-out, ugly-cry romance. This is a love story.

Kira Abelman forgot what it was like to have fun. She spent her teens at the front of the stage cheering for Immortal Angel at every show. Her life had been filled with excitement and adrenaline. Now, as A&R rep for her father’s record company, she’s overworked, overtired and spread thin.


Thirty days on tour with a sexy, bearded and tattooed roadie unexpectedly lights up her boring life with passion. It’s supposed to be fun and carefree, but it turns into so much more. She knew their time together had an expiration date, but she isn’t ready to say goodbye. With 3,000 miles between them and careers that send them in different directions, can Kira finally get her happily ever after and prove that fairy tales do come true?


Punk Rock Reflection (Book 8)

Tommy Blade has it all—a hot wife, a sexy husband, and mega-stardom. His band is at the top of the charts, and his talent on the guitar has earned him worldwide recognition as an icon in the industry. Although the road to the top wasn’t easy, his life has been one great achievement after another. But it leaves him wondering where to go from here.


Unable to find a future goal that excites him, he’s stuck. A drastic change is just what he needs to shake up his life, because sometimes you have to lose everything in order to find what really matters.


Punk Rock Prelude (Book 0.5, a full-length prequel)

Tommy Blade is a rock star on the rise—and he has a secret. A secret he has no intention of sharing with anyone, but Jessi knows exactly what it is. Her heart and their perfect storybook romance are shattered. Unsure how to move forward, she goes on as if nothing has changed, even though unanswered questions and uncertainty about their future plague her heart. It takes a sexy dream to open her mind to things she never imagined she’d be into, and it just may be the salvation she needs.


This full-length novel is a prequel to The Prince of Punk Rock, Radical Rock Stars Book 1. While The Prince of Punk Rock ends in a polyamorous relationship, this book is strictly mf.

Jenna Galicki writes in multiple genres including mf, mmf, and mm. She loves music, Rottweilers, and meeting new people. A native New Yorker, she now calls Southern California home. When she’s not hunched over a computer, you can find her front row at a rock concert.

Jenna loves to interact with readers and other authors and would love to hear from you!

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The Stage

He leaned his head back on the couch and blinked back the moisture that filled his eyes.

Engrossed in sketching on her iPad, Jessi never looked up when Tommy entered the bedroom. “Did you pick a movie?” she asked. “This design just hit me when I saw the way Tessa dressed her doll, and I wanted to sketch it out while it’s fresh in my head. I’m almost—”

Tommy cut her off with a hug. He buried his face in her hair, inhaling her scent and remembering the first time he had lain eyes on her across a football field in college. He had fallen in love almost immediately, and he never wanted to spend a day apart. “I love you so much, Jessi.”

She wasn’t prepared for the emotional embrace and traced a soothing hand down his back. “I love you too, baby. What’s going on?”

“I . . . I don’t even know where to begin.” He pulled back so he could look into her pale blue-gray eyes.

She stared back at him with concern, trying to read the pain in his gaze.

Tommy exhaled a deep breath. “Do you remember when it was just me and you? Before we were married? Before . . . the threesomes?”

“Of course I remember.” The corners of her mouth curled up into a smile. “We were so young. And so in love.”

“Do you ever think about what our lives would be like if we stuck it out? By ourselves?”

“I used to. But it hasn’t crossed my mind in a very long time.” She held his face between her palms and leaned closer so their faces were a few inches apart. “Are you seriously going there again? After all these years? I love you, Tommy, more than anyone could love another human being. And I have that same love for Angel. I love you even more for bringing him into my life. He gave me Tessa. He was the missing puzzle piece to our lives. We weren’t completely happy when it was just the two of us. There was something missing. We both felt it. And that missing piece was Angel. We needed him in order to make us whole. Don’t you see? It was destiny for the three of us to become a family.” 

She nodded, although she knew it wasn’t true. With one last soft meeting of their lips, and a hug that conveyed everything in her heart, she left this wonderful man standing on the curb in front of O’Hare Airport, and she knew she’d never see him again.