#NewRelease - His Duty to Accept by #ShanaeJohnson


Title: His Duty to Accept

Author: Shanae Johnson

Genre: Sweet Romance, Clean Romance

Publication Date: Sept. 19th, 2023

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After winning medals in the military, this reformed bad boy is determined to walk the straight and narrow. Until his brother's ex girlfriend winds her way down his path.


After years of covert work in the military, Caleb Starr arrives back in his hometown, hoping that returning to simple life and work on his rundown family ranch will wipe away the memories of some of his less savory decisions he had to make in the heat of combat. Surprisingly, his first crucial decision, which is to enter into a marriage of convenience with his brother's ex-fiancée, doesn't win him any favors. The tactical error Caleb never saw coming is the feelings that sneak up on him for the woman he's sworn not to fall for.


Glinda Reyes has always been the perfect daughter, sister, and caretaker in her family. Opening her beauty salon was the first thing she ever did for herself. But when a big city corporation enters town intent on buying the commercial property where her business is housed, she needs to get her hands on the inheritance her father left to save her business. But she needs to be married before she can access it and her ex-fiancé just left her for her baby sister. Desperate to save her salon, Glinda agrees to marry Caleb, her ex's younger brother and she's determined to keep her heart protected. But will Caleb's strong will and reformed bad boy charm weaken her resolve?


In this heartwarming, small-town romance, Caleb and Glinda must navigate their way through the challenges of family loyalty, trust, and love as they discover that the path to acceptance isn't always straightforward.


His Duty to Accept is the second in a series of light-hearted, sweet romances where veterans find their way back to their small town and discover they can be heroes at home.

Shanae Johnson was raised by Saturday Morning cartoons and Afterschool Specials. She still doesn’t understand why there isn’t a life lesson that ties the issues of the day together just before bedtime. While she’s still waiting for the meaning of it all, she writes stories to try and figure it all out.

And by the way, the E elongates the A. So it’s pronounced Shan-aaaaaaaa. Perfect for a hero to call out across the moors, or up to a balcony. If you hear him calling her name, please send him her way!


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At some point, he looked down to see that their fingers were entwined. Caleb couldn't remember if he'd made the move, or if he'd reacted to Glinda lacing her fingers with his. In any case, he rubbed his thumb over the fleshy part of her hand. Reflexively, her fingers clenched around his.

He transferred her left hand into his left hand. She followed his move without protest.

He moved his right hand to her low back to guide her through the crowd. She went along, seeming to melt into his touch.

Glinda wasn't tugging him places as he'd seen her do the few times she and his brother had been together. She let Caleb lead her. Because Glinda needed to be led.

Everything about Glinda was an easy decision for Caleb. The data he collected off her was so clear. She cleared her throat, and he instinctively knew she was parched. She shivered in the slight breeze, which led to him draping his jacket over her shoulders. But even before that, he'd noticed that the blouse she wore was of a light fabric, but it was easy to see she was cold. Her gaze darted over someone's shoulder as they droned on. It couldn't be clearer that she didn't want to engage them in conversation.

Well, it wasn't clear to the talker. That pageant smile of Glinda's was dazzling. Caleb would have stayed and talked her ear off just to be in its light. He took the brunt of the ire as he cut any unwanted conversations short and steered her away.

When her steps slowed, Caleb knew she was getting tired. But he wasn't ready to go. He'd promised her a spin on his favorite ride. And so he tugged his wife to the Ferris wheel.