#AudioBlitz - Kissed by Chaos by @KelDCarpenter & #AureliaJane

Title: Kissed by Chaos

Author: Kel Carpenter & Aurelia Jane

Genre: Paranormal Romance, RH

Narrator: Savannah Gilmore & Adam Gold

Publisher: Tantor Media

Publication Date: Oct. 31, 2023

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I'm no chosen one, and that's just the way I like it.

Armed with little more than my perfect memory, weak chaos magic, and questionable sanity—you won't see me kicking down doors and taking names. I skip leg day and bring snacks instead. That's not exactly heroine material.

As an outcast witch without a coven, I exist on the fringes of supernatural society. You don't know me unless I want you to, because that's how people like me stay alive. But I messed up—and subsequently caught the attention of three incredibly dangerous supernatural men.

The ex who betrayed me. The liar whose secrets could rip apart my life. The devil I want to forget.

They're all bad for me, but won't take no for an answer, regardless of how blunt I say it. They think they can wear me down. Convince me. Outlast me. Clearly not one of them knows me as well as they think, because what I lack in magic and bad*ssery, I make up for with stubbornness and an iron will.

Romance almost broke me once—and I don't make a habit of repeating my mistakes. Not even glue would hold me together if these three men got ahold of my tattered heart. If I have to die on this hill to save myself, so be it.

Contains mature themes.

Kel Carpenter is a master of werdz.


When she’s not reading or writing, she’s traveling the world, lovingly pestering her editor, and spending time with her family.


She is always on the search for good tacos and the best pizza. She resides in Maryland and desperately tries to avoid the traffic.

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Aurelia Jane is a fantasy author and word nerd.

When not buried in her work and drinking excessive amounts of coffee, she likes to learn new things, brainstorm with her best friends, travel, and spend time with her husband and children--though not necessarily in that order.

She resides in Texas, where she loves the food but dreams of cooler weather.


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